Baby Potty Chairs

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Kids accessories and gifts for babies have changed a lot in recent years, and potties haven't been left behind either. There was once a time when you could have a white potty or, at a push, a blue or pink one but other than that there were very few other choices. Then, along came seats to add to your own toilet in order to create baby toilets. Baby potty chairs essentially combine these two features in order to create what is essentially a toilet for children. They help your child learn one of the harder skills on their list which is potty training and toilet training.

Easy To Use

Baby potty chairs should be easy to put up and some will even offer the ability to convert them easily and simply into a standard chair once the potty training has finished. This basically means removing the potty and adding a comfortable seat top to the potty chair. Another great feature of modern baby potty chairs is the range of designs; you're certainly not limited to a choice of white, blue, or pink any longer.

Potty Chairs For Girls

Baby potty chairs for girls are fit for a princess. The pink and purple design of the chair includes a section where you can add a picture of your daughter on the back of the chair seat. This will make her feel extra special and help her identify that she should be using her new potty chair when she needs the toilet. With a baby potty chair for girls you can help your little princess become more independent.

Potty Chairs For Boys

Boys can enjoy a similar amount of fun in their potty chair designs too. The dark purple throne has a potty in the centre and as well as a decorative crown on the top of the back of the chair there is the same photo section too. Simply remove the chair and add a hard cover in order to turn your little prince's potty chair into a standard chair for his bedroom or any other room in the house.

Potty Chairs For All

There are also potties that are designed for use either by boys or girls. These slightly more generic designs are still incredible fun and a great way to encourage your child or children to make the move onto the potty seat. This can be a great and beneficial stepping stone between a standard potty and using the grown up toilet. Potty chairs have become a part of interior design thanks to these new and innovative design ideas and they are also great for the kids too.


There are many baby accessories and kids accessories that can be used to help advance your son or daughter, teaching them useful things like potty training and making it more fun and, even, more personalized can help to encourage greater success. Baby potty chairs are fun and functional, and they come in a variety of styles and designs so that you can choose one to perfectly match the design of a room or the character of your child.

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