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Article Help For Empty Heads is a briliant guide which has been written to help all you people out there who struggle to write succesful articles for your online campaigns. It will guide you through and help you avoid making the most common mistakes that most others fall victim to. Learning how to do this is vital in your online success as an article marketer. If you master the art of writing successful articles you will have no problem in earning some money online initially and then a ton of money after a few months! It really is that easy the more links to your landing page you have out there the more views you will get and we all know that more views equals more sales. Ok so take a look at the points below, read through them and always watch out for them in any article you write. There pretty simple guidelines to follow!

O.K so here goes:

1- main Errors:

* Too many folks make regular spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Please avoid doing this. It makes you look incompetent and glumsy, especially if the mistakes are pretty simple.

To keep away from this you must proof read your article as soon as it is complete, after you take a break for an hour or two. This break from the article will enable you to maintain a clear head and realise your mistakes easier. If feasible get an additional person to read through it also.

* visibly defined paragraphs are considered necessary.

This will make it easier to read. Mostly people who are searching online for information more often than not skim through the information, that is why you need to have your article reader friendly.

2- Bragging And Self Promotion:

* This is a main downfall that most folks let themselves to fall victim to. Do not fill your article with links to your website and continuous self promotion. If you are as clever as you think you are the person who reads it will sense it in your article. Keep your self promotion to your resource box at the base of your article.

3- Making Your Article Too Broad:

* This is a main problem that folks fall into. Your article needs to be focused on a individual subject that is not too broad. This will allow you to give out detailed but to the point information on your chosen subject.

4- Not utilising A Powerful headline:

* If you do not use a powerful headline your readers will not be enticed to read on. The headline is 95% of the reason readers read on. You need to leave them interested and inquisitive about what the main text in the article is about.

5- Plagiarizing:

* You must not clone anyone else's piece. Your article must be unique and your own effect.

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