How To Tell If You May Be Suffering From Depression

by Joe Stewart - Date: 2007-02-22 - Word Count: 614 Share This!

Depression is an ugly, sometimes emotionally crippling illness that if untreated can become,
worse over time. It affects not only the person suffering, but also friends and family and
can take a toll on other relationships and responsibilities, including employment.

Many people suffer from depression, but have no idea that's what their problem is. Here is
a short list of symptoms that could be signs of depression. Keep in mind that more than one
of these may or may not be present in order for you to be diagnosed as having depression. Also
there are different types of depressive disorders and it would be difficult to state that you
have any one type withought being diagnosed by a physician, however, you can get a good idea
of the types of symptoms to look out for by reading these tips so that you are aware of them.
These symptoms need to last at least two weeks in order to be considered depressive.

#1,You're Having Trouble Concentrating

This can affect a student trying to get their homework done, to a person reading a book or
newspaper. It seems as if you're reading the same paragraph over and over, but, for some reason
it's just not sinking in. This can be extremely frustrating and disheartening. Additional signs
could be grades dropping at school or work performace slipping. Keep your eyes open for these

#2.Feeling Fatigued

You feel tired all of the time. You may be getting plenty of rest, but you just feel "full body"
tired. This is from head to toe. You may also experience a lot of different aches and pains that
you never noticed before. These can include bachache, headache, pain in your joints and even
constipation or diarrhea. You may also be irritable, sensitive or even have angry outbursts.
sometimes for little or know good reason. You just don't feel well and are letting everyone around
you know.

#3.Problems Sleeping

This could be considered as part of "feeling fatigued", but insomnia itself is a seperate
symptom and must be treated as such. In the above example, a person could feel fatigued while
getting plenty of rest. Insomnia however, means that you're not getting sufficient sleep and
this will begin to affect you simmilarly. Sometimes doctors must prescribe different medications
for insomnia, anxiety, depression, ect in order to treat each individual symptom. Also, insomniacs
can have nervous habits such as nail biting, playing with or opulling their hair, picking at
their skin, pacing, unable to sit still for very long, seem "wound up" and more.

Note:some of these symptoms are also common with meth use. If you know someone exhibiting these
symptoms, a friend or family member, then you need to keep a close eye on them.

#4.Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

A change of eating habits is also a potential sign if depression. Someone that has lost or
gained a signicant amount of weight over a thirty day period may be suffering from a depressive
disorder. A significant amount being ten pounds or more either way.

There are more signs and symptoms that you can research, but these are some of the more common
ones. Keep in mind that there are more than one type of this illness and just because you don't
see all of your symptoms here does not mean that you don't potentially have a problem that
needs to be dealt with. If you think that you may be suffering from depression or have any of
the above symptoms for two or more weeks, then please take the time to see your doctor and get
the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Joe Stewart is a Webmaster and a disabled veteran that writes articles about topics that are of interest to him or affect him. You can read more helpful articles like this by going now to or self help for anxiety and depression

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