Manifesting Money Is Easier With Subliminal Messaging

by Marvin King - Date: 2010-02-07 - Word Count: 268 Share This!

In this guide we will give you some simple advice on manifesting money, and how subliminal messaging can help to enhance your efforts, and thus bring more money to you.

Manifesting money is a real buzz word online and in personal development circles at the minute. It is essentially an off-shoot from the law of attraction, or just one area of it, and understandable everyone is trying various money manifestation techniques.

Perhaps repeating affirmations, or making vision boards, writing your wishes down etc... but are you getting frustrated? Starting to wonder if it is all real? A lot of people feel like this, and this is because money manifestation is such a subjective pursuit, and one method which works for one person might not for another. i.e. affirmations might work really well for you, but not so much for me.

There are however basic wider principles which are universal and here is one which is often neglected - the unconscious mind. It is amazing that so many people pursue the law of attraction yet forget to give their subconscious mind a little exercise. The subconscious mind is both the origin of all your thoughts and functions, and also where a lot of your personality traits, and importantly your BELIEFS are stored.

If you neglect your unconscious mind then you may have long held limiting beliefs which can hold you back from really achieving success with the law of attraction - and this is how subliminal messages can help you. They will target these limiting beliefs and swap them for positive ones to give you an advantage and help you in your money manifestation pursuits.

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