Tooth Whitening Pens

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Those who suffer from discoloured teeth might benefit from trying out a tooth whitening pen. These would be especially handy for those busy individuals who never seem to get any time to themselves. You don't have to worry about teeth trays or soaking the teeth for a set period of time. All you need to do with a tooth whitening pen is click the button and paint your teeth.

It is necessary to refrain from eating or drinking for the next thirty minutes, but that is not hard to do when you have to rush off to work. By the time a coffee break rolls around that time will be well and truly past.

A tooth whitening pen looks rather like those pens you can buy to white out text. They come in a container that is almost the same as a pen gift box. Each tooth whitening pen contains enough hydrogen peroxide formula to give around 30 applications and there are two pens per kit, giving you enough for 60 applications. The solution does not taste unpleasant as it is mint flavoured.

When using a tooth whitening pen, it is recommended that you do two applications every day for two weeks. This is sufficient to see a big improvement in your teeth. However, pens do not give the same professional results as other treatments that use trays.

Remember that tooth whitening products do not work on crowns, fillings, veneers or decayed teeth. However if your teeth are strong and natural ones that are stained from coffee, red wine, tea or smoking tooth whitening pens may be a good option for you.

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