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At first glance, the term Affordable Luxury may seem somewhat oxymoronic, but even high-end specialty retailers are offering deep discounts in this troubled economy. Take the online gift-source, High Roller Toys. A purveyor of "Unique Gifts for Men & Women," most of their products start in the $300-$500 range and go up into the thousands.

So, how is that affordable in today's global recession?

Everything's relative.

While the company is offering handcrafted gemstone globes for nearly $500, you'd be hard pressed to find this level of quality and workmanship from any other source. Handcrafted globes are works of art. Each globe is a one-of-a-kind creation comprised of dozens of different custom cut and polish gemstones that are meticulously inlaid on the surface of a spherical template to create a stunning representation of our world today, with country by country depicted in different gemstones that are particular to that country or region of the world.

Utilizing such glittering materials as amethyst, red jasper, green agate, rhodonite, yellow and white mother of pearl, unakite, and jade to delineate the countries, and brilliant lapis lazuli to depict the oceans, these globes are actually a bargain at $499. Often retailing for $750, with brass lines of latitude and longitude instead of the gold inlay of these superior globes, HRT's gemstone beauties are of the highest quality available anywhere.

True also of their Steiner 7X50 Auto Focus Binoculars, which, at $349 is a deal that should not be passed up. These are the best binoculars in their class, with all of the optical innovations that has made Steiner the premier designer and manufacturer of Auto Focus Binoculars. Waterproof, with rubber armoring, integrated compass--the first binoculars with special optical coatings that increase contrast and brightness and protect against harmful UV radiation.

Finally, if you're looking for the high-tech innovation of the year, try their Tritium Night Vision Watch. Tritium gas (H3) is an isotope of Hydrogen gas which is pumped at high-pressure into tiny borosilcate glass vials, resulting in the continuous emission of low-energy beta radiation which produces sustainable light for up to a quarter of a century. These miniscule vials are then embedded on the face and hands of this titanium-encased chronograph, producing a night vision capability that requires no battery power or any form of charging, and never needs service or maintenance. At $399, with a bonus pocket watch thrown in, this may be the best bargain of the year.

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