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A new service is launching today that will guarantee top class service, the highest safety and security standards and that little something extra whether you are famous, wealthy or simply want to enjoy the most memorable journey of your life.

V-One Aviation, who have over 14 years experience in chartering aircraft, is launching its first class air charter service that will see customers travelling in style with only a 15 minute check in time and the best available on-board service. "This is a service that is second to none but one which very few people have ever had the pleasure to use," comments Rob Moore, managing director of V-One Aviation.

"We can offer flexibility, safety and discretion to all of our customers be they travelling to business meetings, enjoying corporate hospitality or attending a photoshoot. Our philosophy is one that will see our customers being treated to a quality service that provides everything they are looking for in a private charter flight - and that may be different for every customer who flies with us. We are able to help our customers arrange anything from product launches through to simple business flights. We can handle the whole project from start to finish including those all important details such as branding the aircraft," Rob went on to say.

The cost of chartering aircraft has reduced substantially in recent years and this is now a truly available option for many marketers. Events that were previously held in top London hotels can now be hosted in top European hotels for virtually the same cost with clients receiving the kudos of arranging an event abroad. As Rob explains, "At its most extravagant, imagine arriving at the airport to see an aircraft carrying your clients livery with seat covers on board carrying the same logo. Although this is the very ulti mate in chartering aircraft we have the facilities to offer our customers a wide range of options to personalise their flights - everything from specific food and drink requests to limousines meeting the aircraft at its destination."

The launch of this service is backed by an incredible website that utilises some of the latest available website technology to create a visually stunning site. "We wanted a site that was easy to navigate but also one that targeted our specific end users," said Rob. "The site we have now is a first in our field and we are sure that customers will find it infor mative and exciting."


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