The Makita Kp312 Planer - At The Cutting Edge

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The Makita KP312 planer has been produced with the timber framing and log home building industries particularly in mind and can safely claim the title of being the largest portable planer available for purchase on the market today.

Measurements For Information.

* Weight(Net) 39.7lbs
* Total length 21 3/4"
* No Load Speed 12,000 RMP
* Planing width 12 1/4"
* Planing Depth 1/8"
* Cable Length: 33ft

A real monster of a machine, the Makita KP312 has an incredibly powerful 15 amp motor which can easily produce an incredible 24,000 cuts every minute and has the capability to take on the most difficult of tasks whilst ensuring that due to the non-slip poly "V" drive belt which helps transfer energy in the most efficient manner possible to the blades that you will always be guaranteed to get the consistency you require from any major tool

This major power tool has been precision engineered using ball bearing construction which should undoubtedly extend the life of your Makita KP312 planer. More over, there is no need to worry about your planer being out of action because it has to be taken to the shop to have its brushes replaced - the brushes on this power tool have been made easy to access and easy to replace

The Makita KP312 planer has a large roller to the from which makes moving it over any particularly rough materials unbelievably easy and the large ejection chute allows high levels of chip ejection. This helps to prevent the planer from becoming jammed with wood chips they are wet or dry which undoubtedly is a massive time saver.

The control for setting the depth of cut is big and has been positioned strategically to allow you to change settings quickly and easily and the rubber handle allows for comfort and essential good grip and control of the planer at the same time also helping reduce the fatigue felt by the operator.

Additionally this planer has another two great features to help make any job easier. First of all it has built in edge guides, and secondly it also has a special type of foot set at the rear which is designed to protect the blades.

In comparison with other heavy duty planers this model may seem to be excessively priced but, for your money you get a reliable, durable tool with the Makita brand which always guarantees great quality.

what exactly do you get in addition to the planer?

Also Included:

* a socket wrench
* a triangular rule
* Double edged high speed blades.

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