Juarez Police Chief Resigns for Fear of His Life

by michael Webster - Date: 2008-05-11 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

by Michael Webster: Investigative Reporter May 11, 2008 1:00 PM PDT
EL PASO/JUAREZ METRO-BORDERPLEX - The Juarez's police Chief Guillermo Preito announced his resignation from the Juarez Police Department within hours after his chief assistant, 54-year-old Juan Antonio Roman who was 2nd in command is assassinated and at least four other Jaurez police officers are slain and hundreds others are killed in what is being called the biggest internal drug war between the Mexican government and the rich and ruthless Mexican drug cartels in the history of Mexico. The chief's announcement comes as six high-ranking officials have also been killed in the last week in his jurisdiction. More Americans shot in Mexico
 Violence targeting law enforcement officials escalates in Juarez as the police chief resigns. More Details
Angeeneh Adamian Reports: Juarez Police Cheif To Resign
The El Paso Police Chief, Greg Allen keeps telling the media that "I don't think the community here in El Paso needs to worry about it because of our relationship with other agencies in El Paso itself."
The man left in charge by the late former sheriff Leo Samaniego El Paso County Sheriff, Jimmy Apodaca said "We just trust and believe that it will not come across to our side of the border. If it does we are ready."
According to the Juarez papers Roman's name had been on top of a death list that drug traffickers left at a Juarez police monument in January. Of the 12 police officials the drug cartels set out to execute, only four are still alive.
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