Are Penile Stretchers Worth your Time, Effort and Investment?

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Penis enlargement devices of all types have been around for a number of years and although the results are more than promising, the medical community is still in doubt about recommending them as reliable devices in penis enlargement programs. But do penis stretchers work and how?

The only method of penis enlargement that is widely considered effective in the medical community is surgery. However, penis enlargement surgery mostly just adds length and girth to the flaccid penis, which is, of course, not very useful. The corresponding increase in size to the penis while erect is either not as dramatic or downright nonexistent, depending on whom you ask.

In addition, the possible side effects are serious enough to make surgery too risky for any male except those with an exceptionally small penis. Many doctors who offer this service will not perform the operation unless a man's penis is so small that it can be considered a medical condition. This is because it is widely accepted that the dangers are too great to warrant the possible beneficial effects for most patients.

Other unwanted side-effects of surgery include disfigurement of the penis, loss of feeling in certain areas and loss of the ability to achieve erection. This is the case for the type of surgery that involves cutting the connective tissue that anchors the penis to the pubic bone. Another type of surgery injects fat into the penis. While this is much simpler and safer, the results are generally temporary, since the fat is gradually reabsorbed by the body.

Urologists will usually try to dissuade men from risky enlargement procedures through counseling and a frank discussion of the facts. Very few honest doctors will attempt surgery on a man whose erect penis is larger than 3 inches. Remember, if (male) urologists had a genuine solution, they would be the first to get massive penises. And I bet they aren't packing any surprises.

The body's ability to adapt and change when subjected to tensile force is well documented. Cells within an area exposed to such force divide and multiply, resulting in an increase in tissue mass. Penis traction devices rely on this principle to help you gain in length. Penis enlargement extenders are fairly simple devices and they allow you to develop routines to help you achieve the desired penile length.

They work on the basic principle that any part of our living body that is subjected to consistent tension will grow more tissue to better cope with outside stress. This is exactly the same process used to heal broken bones in hospitals or used by different tribes to elongate ear lobes and lips or flatten noses. If the device is worn properly the results are spectacular and there is no risk of injury.

This is why you have to take a lot of time and study all products in detail before you venture into buying and trying anything so close to your penis. Not all penis enlargement devices have been created equal, not all booklets contain the same amount of information and not all programs will provide the support and knowledge base you will need.

You can create a penis traction device at home and I am very sure you will find there are hundreds of web sites on the internet dealing with how to make penis enlargement extenders at home. For your own sake, you don't have to do it. Sharp edges, rough materials, dirt and rust are serious hazards to your penis. Stay safe and treat yourself with something nice!

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