List Building Web Models - How the Various Models Interact II

by Sean Mize - Date: 2007-04-13 - Word Count: 240 Share This!

One particular note about the content based model: I do not believe that the content based model continues to have relevance to any but a few of the larger and more established web sites online. The continuing changing nature of the search landscape makes it increasing more difficult for a new entrant in the content based arena to become successful.

On the contrary, I think that the list building model, combined with a sales funnel approach that incorporates any of the other models (excluding of course the content model) can be manipulated to create profits.

What are some possibilities for this list building/sales funnel model?

Assuming that you have a multiple product model currently, you would simply add the squeeze page step, possibly choosing your highest converting product as your first promotion to your list, and then introduce the new subscriber to your additional products over time, or after they have purchased your primary lead product.

Assuming that you have a catalogue model, and you choose to add the list building element, you would opt subscribers in to your list, then direct them to your catalogue. You can use the opt in email list to keep potential buyers aware of your catalogue by regularly sending good content and information to them, constantly giving them a new reason to visit your catalogue. You can send your subscribers promotions and new product announcements, in addition to coupons and access to special 'subscriber-only' sales and product promotions.

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