Cherokees Deny Memberships of Freed Slaves

by DAn Bunch - Date: 2007-03-05 - Word Count: 1088 Share This!

This is what happens in a Democracy! I been kicked out with everybody else?

"Cherokees Pull Memberships of Freed Slaves" The latest news!

That one line says it all? Not on your life! The fact that the Cherokee had a ruling from their own Supreme Court that the enrolled "ex-slaves" descendants could not be cut, lead to a vote! But as you may have mixed feelings about this issue, please be aware, they are probably within their rights to make this event happen! I am not kidding you.

First off, the fact is supposed to be that as many Cherokee owned slaves, they were living inside the reservation. "Reservation" here means; A country within a Country! (see what happened to Israel when they allowed a country to stay within their new Country! Even if they were duped, they should have known better!)

The fact is; as they were living in the reservation, where the Cherokee owned, enslaved, beat, and raped and discriminated against them as a race, they were not originally part of the treaty with the USA. Later, in a second treaty, the USA forced the Cherokee to make a conciliatory codicil to the treaty forcing them to accept the enrollment of ex-slaves descendants then living within the reservation lands. They signed that they would. Gave their word in fact. You know, "they" meaning the Cherokee who forever has said that the "White man has never kept a promise or a treaty!"? That tribe. The Western Cherokee. The tribe in Oklahoma. That one, yeah.

You see the fact is; as Native Americans living in back in the East, they had a reservation there too. The had to give it up. They would not take a few acres and a mule and plow, but wanted to live as hunter/gatherers. (nothing wrong with that) So finally, as the "White" man was taking their lands by force and by plunder, they were moved off by the Government. Thus the "Trail of Tears" event.

The fact is; The Cherokee Tribe is run as a Democracy! That is the way a DEMOCRACY is!

You as an Individual have no rights above the group as a whole. You as an Individual would have rights if the country were a REPUBLIC, which the Western Cherokee Tribe is not. NO they are a DEMOCRACY, the very thing that our politicians want us to accept, by stating that phrase over and over and over! And I'm warning you......if you do begin to see this country as a Democracy, then you too will lose your citizenship!

I SAID;.....You are going to be kicked out of your tribe, your country also! Without a doubt, you will lose, as some now want, your citizenship for any infraction of speaking out against the Government of the United States of America!

Think not? Well just THINKING about certain things will get you a prison sentence! These days all they have to do is believe that you were "Thinking" something in a way that is, to them, criminal, and you will be in the poky so fast that your head will spin! Spit on the sidewalk? Was a Black person nearby? You were thinking disturbing Discriminatory things while breaking the law! You go to prison. You stopped to pray on the corner? Others saw you and joined in? Too bad, there was a Gay Rights Parade going on down that same street! You are breaking the law (assembly without permit) while "thinking" about some Discrimination in regards to other persons close by! That means prison! Period! Oh, you get a trail of sorts, but under what law? The law as the politicians have changed it! Not under the law under which we grew up.

Will the Western Cherokee Tribe get their way? Certainly! And they should I guess, on the grounds that they are a Democracy. But no way are they able to vote to gain or keep their right to self-determination! That sir, is a falsehood! Let me explain.

To vote upon MY right to self-determination, YOU must believe you can do the "determination" of me in some way. Either in a group decision or as an individual decision. Either way is a false-hood. IF I am a free man. IF I am living in a Republic. Then you cannot vote, or hinder me nor my rights of self-determination or citizenship! Self-determination means "self-determination", not "WE as a group have decided......!" Nope. Can't be any other way. Not in a Republic, nor in fact within Society as a whole. To do this is to become Communistic, in a way that some Russians could only dream of!

Self-determination is great. I practice it every day. In fact I change it on a whim! But, if it is not based upon real logic, and that using real truth, then it is not self-determination at all, but a lie!

The fact, of the truth, is; the Western Cherokee Tribe Members are Mulatto! End of discussion. Why do I say that? Because they cannot prove otherwise. You see all the Individual Native American Cherokee, that we know the names of in history, are all interbreed with English; Dutch; French; Spanish. Powhattan and his daughter too, were Mulatto! Pocy' haunt' us' was really saving her grandfather when she saved Smith! She was wrong, but she knew he appeared to be the grandfather! That's history! Look it up.

So the Native American that "invented" the Cherokee Alphabet, Didn't! The painting of him, Isn't! I know that because his sister said the "White" man cut all his fingers off! And too, he never wore a turban! His letters were not made in the way that is shown! No, the Cherokee writing that was used, painted, scraped, or drawn on all the covered bridges and barns, warning of the disaster of the English and "White" man's taking all the land, was quite a bit different in fact.

The fact, and the truth is; our own Government has made treaties both condoning the addition and the condoning of the discrimination to prevent enrolling of anyone with "one drop" of African blood! The Charter for the incorporation of the Pamunkey Tribe does not allow persons of African influence to become Pamunkey Tribal Members. And the Western Cherokee treaty and corporation, and they are a Corporation, does. At least as far as the descendants of their slaves it does.

So what is now the fact, and the truth, now? Well, that the Western Cherokee Tribe, voting on an issue to bar persons of African decent from their membership rolls, have just kicked themselves out of their own tribe!

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Dan Bunch, a Cherokee; Choctaw; and Melungeon; whose mother was a naturalized citizen born in Hong Kong. His father was born in Texas, a Cherokee-Choctaw-Melungeon, who served in the Army during WWII.

Dan Bunch grew up in Texas, where he participated in; football, baseball, and boxing. He enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve while still a junior in high school. He has had a multitude of experience in the business world in; insurance, real estate, finance, and a builder of custom homes. He has always been a writer, and cartoonist. He attributes his interest in many subjects to his early career as a newspaper boy. He married his high school sweetheart Gayle, with whom they have two children and five grandchildren.

Dan Bunch is a graduate of Grayson Co Jr. College, which he attended upon his return from Vietnam. He was a PO2'nd, crewmember aboard U.S. Navy River Patrol Boats, and is member of the DAV; and Veteran association. PLEASE VISIT MY CARTOONS BY DAN BUNCH MAIN PAGE

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