Top Different Diabetes Symptoms You Ought To Know

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Diabetes Mellitus is a serious condition wherein abnormality in insulin is taking place. It is whether the pancreas is not secreting insulin completely or the cells are not acting with the insulin produced. The disease is known to be hereditary but it can also be diagnosed if you are not living a healthy lifestyle like being overweight. It is always recommended to have annual check-ups in order to detect it earlier if you are suffering from diabetes. You may not notice diabetes symptoms since it will show usual simple sicknesses that you may ignore.


1. Type I Diabetes - This type of Diabetes is the severe kind because your pancreas is not secreting insulin anymore. You will be insulin-dependent in order to survive otherwise you will be suffering different infections that may also lead to death.

Frequent Urination or Polyuria
Dry Throat
Severe Hunger
Bad temper
Sudden Loss of Weight
Sweet Breath or Acetone Halitosis

2. Type II Diabetes - This type is the milder one because you do not have to be dependent on insulin. Oral medications will be enough. The condition will occur when your pancreas is secreting too much insulin but it does not react with your cells to burn the glucose properly and transform it into energy. Furthermore, this type runs in the family. It can be diagnosed at early age but it usually appears during your 40's.

Susceptible to infections
Blurred Vision
Slow healing of wounds
Periodontal sicknesses
Frequent numbness of hands and feet
Recurring infections in urinary tract, mouth and skin
Any symptoms from Type I Diabetes

3. Gestation Diabetes - This type can be acquired when you are having high glucose levels during pregnancy especially on your 6th to 8th months that can lead to Type II Diabetes later on. Though Gestation Diabetes symptoms may be unnoticeable, there are still pregnant women who showed some.

Eyesight problems
Undefined weight loss
Unreasonable Irritability
Extreme starvation
Intermittent Urination, etc.

4. Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) commonly known as Monogenetic Diabetes - A condition caused when mutations in the genes took place, disturbing the production of insulin. Mistakenly referred to as Type II. It does not show any symptoms and can be diagnosed only by accidents during medical screening or laboratory tests. These are the common signs to be suspected for MODY.

Mild to Moderate hyperglycemia
Deficiency of anti-bodies in family history
A relative with similar illness
Low level of insulin
Cystic Kidney illnesses in your first degree family members

5. Steroid Diabetes
This can be acquired due to the prolong use of steroids. Steroids are given to patients to cure inflammations and to manage a healthy immune system. Too much consumption reduces the amount of insulin being produced. Being aware to the simple Steroid Diabetes Symptoms will save you from lifetime health problems. Symptoms include excessive urination, high fever, flu, unconsciousness, extreme abdominal pain, weight loss or weight gain and impotence.

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