The Begining of Wealth Part One

by James O'brian - Date: 2006-11-25 - Word Count: 2407 Share This!

Seeing as I am here to help you make money. Perhaps if I help you change some values and bad habits and start to show you the path to Financial Freedom, maybe then you will make the tiny step forward and
join with us.

We have many affiliates benefiting from our guidance but, I have to admit there is much contempt on the internet, this I understand and to a certain degree promote this same scepticism.

As I have said before we will never ask you to send us money to join our members area, what we do require is you join one of our main partners, this shows your commitment to success. I would of course encourage you to join them all, with this said don't.

Just join 1, join Empowerism or Success University. Why? because they are both directed and learning training duplication and understanding, with a sound network marketing model. Also now this is where I am going to lead into the reason I started this post.

I said to you the secret that was taught to me. Create a product everyone wants market that product to people who want to make changes to there life, then teach those people the business until they can teach the next person.
"what is the perfect product? financial freedom"

Now the cruncher, you want residual income and to work from home right!
Most internet 'Guru's' are not offering you this, they are offering you advertising and marketing advice if you are lucky , but no vehicle.

A vehicle you ask? yes a vehicle to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Here we go then, for you to have a successful residual income you want a sound network marketing model, we go all the way back to the birth of truly successful network marketing, 'Amway', yep you heard it. Say good things say bad things, at the end of the day they have produced more millionaires than any other single organisation. "A sound network marketing model is the key to residual income"

Now i am not about to tell you to join 'Amway', but they have a residual income model, a network market model.

This is what you want for residual ongoing income, all of our top programs offer this, that is why our system is so powerful. By the time you finish our program, you have generated multiple income streams spread between different platforms. This is the most powerful income generation program available anywhere. We are the only organisation to incorporate 'hot sponsoring' and 'wealth creation' with money management training.

98% of all lotto winners have lost/spent the money within 5 years! Why? They have never had money. Just because you suddenly have some does not mean you have the tools to hold on to it or make it grow.

Now onto the reason I started this before venturing into verbal diarrhoea.

Wealth creation the first steps.

Why does the neighbour next door, who earns the same money as you, own the boat & caravan which you don't?
Make your money work for you. Most people work for money. This is wrong thinking completely. Money has to work for you!

Okay first we need to attack our budget. If you are a typical working person and earning your wage, I am not going to set an amount as that will defeat the purpose.
How much money are you saving every week? If you are saving nothing you will never get anywhere. It does not matter how small the contribution is, it is a start.

Save your change I can not tell you how big this one is. I still keep all my change in two separate tins, gold and silver. Every year we have over $15,000 complete "mad money", as I call it. This April my fiance and I are heading off to Ireland. We have eagerly been trying to out do each other on our tins. I predict that this year we will probably come back with unspent money, all this from spare change.

Do you smoke? If yes give up! if you can't give up change to rolling tobacco $30 per week saving to average smoker $70 saving if you quit.

How many times do you stop on the way home, to work, from school, to school, at the local convenience store, to get that loaf of bread or carton of milk? $10 per week saving. Carry out a weekly shop and stick to it. Buy in bulk for bigger savings, and they deliver in most cases. Do you only buy name brand goods i.e. no savings or plain brands, gain you are not to good for this, and with most products their is little difference.

How many times do you drive where you could of walked? Do you own a bicycle. I do as it keeps me sort of fit and gives me time to enjoy the sites of summer. It also gives quality time with your partner and children.

Cut out coupons. No you are not above that, or you wouldn't need to. Greet your snail mail spam as ways to save a few more dollars. Companies send out millions of dollars worth of free and discounted product every day.

What are you good at? What can you give to people you know? i.e you are a computer tech? have you considered starting a little side concern? Every extra dollar helps.

Offer to do your neighbors lawns for a few dollars better yet send the eldest son/daughter around to do it, and split the profits.

Hold a garage sale. You could have thousands of dollars of things you don't need any more.

Sell the second car. Yes I am serious. That money alone put into only one program would earn you more than you are currently earning at work. A car valued at $5000 gives nearly $100 per week to invest into a second income stream for a period of 12 months.

What goals in life do you have? For life with no goals is football with no goal posts, pointless! Unless you have achievable goals and a concise plan and image of where you are going and how you are going to get there? Successful people set many goals, financial, personal, family, spiritual. I can not stress the importance enough of goal setting.

Split up savings, put your main savings every week into an account you can not touch easily, here is an even better way. Go to Bullion Vault .com and sign up for an account. You can trade and save with the best currency in the world "gold" In the members section you will see me talk much about the forgotten resource and ho we are going to make extreme profits, from one of the most secret gold currency in the world. Your smaller of the savings is your reward pot. I go into great detail in the members section about the importance of saving and rewarding your self for good saving.

Do you give your children pocket money or do you teach them the value of money? I was fortunate enough to have a privileged up bringing but with that said, I was not spoilt. I do believe some of the values that were installed into me have been invaluable and I want more people to pass on such life changing thoughts.

I like anyone even with more chances than most to get it right, failed many times in traditional business, most millionaire's have been broke at least 3 times. Even when you have the tools and training, you can still get it wrong so to speak, or make a bad decision and, you are back to square one. I am a strong believer in 'Murphy's Law' it wasn't until I got traditional business right, that I discovered I should of been putting my efforts into network marketing.

But when i first saw network marketing, about 18 years ago, I did not have the tools needed to build the business. It wasn't until 2003, a good friend convinced me to look at this business plan, that I became involved in a business that was to change my life.I still have traditional business, I believe it is good to diversify as much as possible. Traditional business serves a purpose, and we need them. In my opinion though and the opinion of many friends, is that network marketing offers you freedom to pursue traditional business you normally wouldn't. It gives you the freedom to travel as you wish, and to spend time with the most important asset in your life, your family.

My mother told me from a young, "do not work for someone son, for you will not have time to make money! you may work harder longer and for less holidays, but in the end you will have more time to enjoy life".
Also I was told excuse the French from god rest her soul a woman who never usually cursed, my inspirational mother," Don't ever let the bastards beat you".
I still thank my Mother to this day, wherever she may be, I thank her for the education she so desperately installed into a youngster that did not want to now. I am glad I somehow did listen, to her wise words they have kept me in good steed over the years.

There is much education you never learn at school, most will never hear the teachings that keep generations of privileged family's just that for generation after generation. What the whole marketing world tell you to buy, will always be a lie! The first attitude i will change on you, is to take your thinking above the hype and noise.
When you can think and see clearly a whole new world will start to appear to you.

I am not saying if you work for someone you are never going to get anywhere, but you must practise the secrets to success so much more closely. I have designed this program for people with normal lives, for you are the people who want a better life. One in 1a hundred people are still millionaires. I believe over time we could raise that bar.

There is absolutely no reason for you to fail. We have taken the elements of failure out of your way. There is only a brighter, more successful future ahead of you, if you will only make the first step and commit yourself to improving your life.

We have every tool you need to become successful. We have the training in place to teach you all you need to know from small business to taxation to how to plan a holiday. Remember we are the only organisation to offer world class training with wealth creation. Even if you joined with us and did nothing with the program, except to make the changes to your thinking and life attitude, you would still be more successful and happier.

Imagine if you have the fore thought to join with us now, where you could be in 12 months.

5% of the worlds population hold 95% of the wealth.This has been a statistic for too many years now. It does not change because we do not teach the systems of wealth and success to just anyone. This is about to change! Remember the most important fact of all, Wealth Creation. We can show you how to make money from home and online with legitimate programs that will bring money to you year after year, after year. However, what will make your children's futures brighter than you could possibly imagine is the power of wealth creation. These are the tools that no one teaches you. These are the tools that were handed down to me. These are the tools kept closely quiet as they tend to be simple life changing ideas and opportunities.

Once you are in the wealth circle opportunities and ideas flow freely to you. Making money online is just our vehicle presented to you, so you can take part of where the real money and wealth is invested.

To be free in this world, you must have the tools needed. You do not need the system! Only once you elevate yourself above the hype of what is everywhere will you see the world in a different light.

I have spent most of my years in Australia. For that reason some of my analogy's may be a little foreign to you. None the less I have seen it throughout the so called advanced nations.

We are only opening training for 20 affiliates at a time. This is because we want YOU to reach a certain financial position and have the training and knowledge needed to teach people after you. This is not an offer that you will see extended or always at 20 people. If you are not in the current group of 20 affiliates you will have to wait until our next induction into the training course. You can still join our members area where you will still benefits from all the marketing material, discussion on current marketing etc. You will still be presented with all the tools of wealth creation in a simple and concise manner.

What you won't receive is our personal training course, designed to hold your hand from day one and guide you to home business profits. It is a step by step interactive support with me and my support crew. This is not the end of the world if you don't make the 20 you want, just be patient your turn will come. In the mean time use the resources designed to help you succeed. The 20 only plan is to make sure each person achieves the most out of the training system. We guarantee that by the end of the course you will be earning a minimum $2500 per month. This is $576 per week to you. Not bad seeing as you are still working, and this is just the beginning. You wont become an instant millionaire with us but we guarantee if you stick with us, put the principals we teach into practise, put your honest hard work and time into your business you will have an income over $730,000 per year within two to three years.

This income will never go down!

Your children's, children will thank you for making that first small step so many generations ago
Imagine a life well spent with your family
I life with no time restraints
A life where your children go to the best schools
A life you thought you could only dream about.

The first step Join Now

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