A Growing Problem - Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is a real problem, and Americans know this more than anyone else nowadays. As a matter of fact, there are estimates that place the incidence of childhood obesity in the millions; the causes, complications, and treatments are things that must not be overlooked by families and medical professionals if childhood obesity is to be eradicated.

Perhaps the most obvious step is to realize that children need to consume far fewer calories than they do. While it is true that they need more calories than adults in some cases to promote continued healthy physical and mental development, children do not need to get those extra calories from fast food and junk food. Additionally, they do need to burn off some of their caloric consumption through exercise, just as adults do.

It is widely known that childhood obesity is linked to too much junk food and not enough exercise. Speaking of the need to exercise, our lifestyles and reliance on computers, televisions, and video games for entertainment are part of the problem. Sedentary lifestyles are promoted by the high-tech; add to that some mindless snacking on empty calories, and we have created a childhood obesity epidemic.

Parents need to take control of their children's weight by realizing that the adults are the ones in charge. Offering your children only healthy foods eliminates the possibility of them gorging on junk food. By only stocking up on healthy meals and snacks, parents can see a benefit for the whole family, and also decrease the chances that childhood obesity will reach their homes.

If nothing else, understand that childhood obesity causes a number of other problems, physically and emotionally. Diseases once mostly seen in adults, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and the like, are now much more prevalent in children. This is directly linked to childhood obesity, in that the excess weight causes such strain on the body. Likewise, emotional trauma is endured by the teasing from the non-obese peers of overweight children. This can have lasting effects.

In all, childhood obesity is touching millions of households across the country. However, it can be beaten by insisting on healthy food choices and exercise for the kids. One of the best ways to make sure that this change is accepted by the kids is to make modifications for the whole family. As you fight childhood obesity, the whole family will benefit from the healthier lifestyles you promote.

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