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MySpace is almost the oldest social networking site and it is definitely the largest. At least twice as many users profiles on MySpace than Ebay. Google used to be the most trafficed site on a daily basis but now that honor belongs to MySpace. You can use the tools that MySpace makes available to you to add friends, update your profile,send messages, comments, and bulletins. Plus you can even now have your own blog on MySpace. If you want to make these tasks easier and faster then you need to look at the third party tools that our out there.

The most basic feature on the site MySpace is the friend adder. If this is all you want to do on MySpace you can use this tool which is pretty easy or if you want to accelerate this you could look at a site like friendstorm. Some third part developers have created friend adders which help to speed up the process of adding friends plus a friend adder is usually an investment of less than a hundred dollars.

I just tried to use the profile updater on MySpace the other day. All I wanted to do was use it to add my graduating high school information. I tried doing this on MySpace 4 times and each time after clicking on save and update I would then click on home and I would see that my main page of my profile was still asking me to add my high school information. How many times must I enter this information in on MySpace for the change to actually take affect?

MySpace now allows every profile to have their own blog. This is great because almost every site now on the web is incorporating blogs. They say that one of the first ways to take advantage of Web 2.0 technology is by having a blog. The only problem I see is if it takes me entering in a blog post multiple times just to get it to show up once then I need to find a Bot that has a blog poster.

Let's say you are a member of a local dance group in you town and that each member of the group has a MySpace profile with a lot of friends. If your dance group was going to be having an event and you wanted to message everybody's friends on MySpace you would have to have each member of the group do this individually which can be very time consuming. If you had a MySpace Bot that had the feature of account chaining then you would have a lot more time to yourself.

If you want a MySpace layout you can buy them on a site like Ebay. Do a search for MySpace layouts on your favorite search engine, look at all the results that come up. Do a search on MySpace or browse some of the users layouts and you will see a lot of great designs What if you could grab some of these profiles to use? Look for a MySpace Bot with a Profile Grabber which will automatically download it for you plus it might even help you use it yourself for your own profiles.

Now on MySpace you are only allowed to have one profile according to their TOS. What if you were a marketer and it was necessary to have multiple MySpace profiles? What kind of profile do you think will get the greatest number of visitors? Some of the great MySpace Bots out there have account creators for MySpace. I had my son get pictures of girls he knows and I use these pictures for all my profiles. The profile of the lesbians which showed 2 girls in the shower together in bikinis did great until MySpace deleted that profile.

With each profile when sending out messages you need to make sure that each profile sends out a different message otherwise MySpace will delete several accounts. You could look for a Bot that has a message randomizer which would be a fantastic solution for you. I have seen maybe a couple MySpace Bots that have the feature of a message randomizer.

A lot of sites nowadays have what is called a CAPTCHA code for things like account creating, message sending, etc. Most software that is out there is very limited in its ability to bypass CAPTCHA. A lot of MySpace Bots used to have this feature but with what MySpace has done lately pretty much most of the MySpace Bots no longer offer this. The ones that do charge a premium price for CAPTCHA Bypass.

If you are a marketer then you might want to look for a MySpace Bot that has a lot of these features. An all in one software solution would be best because do you realize how much system resources you would use if you had a different Bot for each function? Do not worry about violating MySpace TOS they were created years ago and if MySpace wants to stay in existence then they need to start allowing marketers and maybe even helping users do marketing otherwise MySpace will die a lot quicker then Friendster.

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