Gossip Girl Quiz: Why is Gossip Girl so Popular?

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Hollywood is really an unpredictable world. This is a place where you need to have more than good acting, great script, and an even greater story in order for a show to be a hit. It takes a lot more than brains to stay in this kind of industry and that is proven when you look at Josh Schwartz's Gossip Girl. It is not surprising then that CW is making big money out of the show.

The popularity of Gossip Girl is such a mystery. If you look at the top 100 shows in the US, the show Gossip Girl is not even part of it. It's not even ruling primetime in the US because of the tough TV shows' rat race to get a hold of the viewers. So why is Gossip Girl still strong and standing?

1. The show has a huge network of Gossip Girl fan sites.
Gossip Girl is huge on the internet. Type the name and you'll be bombarded with fan sites dedicated to Gossip Girl casts, pictures and videos of each episode. The hype that these sites have created made the show known to teens all over the world. Targeting netizens is such a good technique to actually get the word out about the teen drama.

2. The show features a lot of current trends in fashion and tech.
The show has served as an avenue for fashion line and tech companies to endorse their products in. Because of this, even if the story or theme of the show is not everyone's of tea, people still watch Gossip Girl if only to find out what's the latest in shoes and gadgets.

3. The Gossip Girl risqué ad campaign nailed everyone's curiosity.
Gossip Girl ad campaigns have been all the rage since their release and that is not really a shocker if you've seen the videos and pictures. Gossip Girl pictures and videos were sprawled all over from television to the portals of the internet.

4. The content blatantly shows sex, underage drinking, and drug addiction.
Not all shows on TV are brave enough to feature sex, but Gossip Girl is not like all other series on TV. The show has pushed the envelope when it comes to featuring the raw reality of teenage delinquency. Because of this, Gossip Girl has faced a lot of bashing from parents and moralists.

5. Gossip Girl cast members are some of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood.
Putting together a set of beautiful actors and actresses is just the best strategy for teenagers to embrace whatever product you're trying to sell. The same goes for a show like Gossip Girl. Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen, and Chace Crawford have fans wanting more of the show.

With a mixture of beautiful actors, sex-driven plot, swarming fans and fashion moguls at your back, a niche in Hollywood is impossible to miss. Gossip Girl still managed to cast a name despite the show's lack of consistency and plausible character development. When will the Gossip Girl hype end? We will never know.

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