Tips for Enjoying Female Masturbation

by Phoenix Delray - Date: 2008-09-17 - Word Count: 545 Share This!

Even though Feminism and feministic revolutions have transformed the status of women in many ways, the topic of female masturbation is still largely taboo.

There are many jokes, jabs, and discussions about men jerking off, but for the most part, females are still left to figure it out for themselves or learn about masturbation through friends on the grapevine.
There are many different ways for a female to have an orgasm from masturbating. Masturbation is probably the best way for a woman to explore her sexuality; since she does it herself, alone, on her terms, she can pinpoint exactly what arouses her and what doesnt. Some women orgasm from clitoral stimulation, others from penetration into the vagina, and others do from fondling the G spot. If the idea of playing with yourself seems a little daunting, dont worry. Female masturbation can be broken down into steps that will help you on your way to discovering your erotic preferences.

The first step when experimenting with masturbation is to relax. Get comfortable. Take a few deep breaths and a few minutes to gather your focus and put it all on you. This is very important. It is difficult to reach climax if you are thinking about bills, groceries, the kids, etc. The next step is to turn on your imagination. Whether you choose to think about a past sexual encounter or one that you get turned on at the thought of, put your vivid imagery skills to good use and start dreaming up erotic fantasies that will get your blood moving. Once you are relaxed and have a fantasy or memory in mind, next you should begin running your fingers all over your body, exploring to see which areas respond to touch. Touch your clitoris, your nipples, your labia, and your perineum, for starters.

Now that you have found which body parts are sensitive to touch, use your fingers and experiment with a variety of touches: strokes, either in a back and forth or a circular motion, tickles, tugs, pulls, and little twists to your genitals are all great ways to heighten your sexual arousal, beginning to bring you closer to climax. Remember to breathe throughout your female masturbation experience, releasing sexual tension that is building up instead of fighting with it. Rhythmically rock your pelvis like you would during intercourse as well. As you come closer to orgasm, add in extra stimulation to your nipples, clit, and vagina. Using a dildo or your fingers to thrust in and out of the vagina will help. As you begin to orgasm, keep the stimulation going, but ease up some as you reach the height of the orgasm. Dont stop altogether yet, though, because as the orgasm winds down, there are great little aftershocks to enjoy.

Although nothing is required to masturbate except your fingers, using sex toys is a popular way to discover new sensations and add variety and fun to your female masturbation routine. Vibrators are great for beginners and advanced experts in masturbation, because they can take some of the work out of stimulating the clitoris. So relax, find your hot spot, go to work, and play with some toys, because female masturbation is a great way to find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time.

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