Traumatic Events and Reality

by L. John Mason - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 299 Share This!

Have you ever been pulled out of your sleepy state of denial into the cold reality of your life? When was the last time your calm, peaceful state of mind was pierced by the harsh experiences that become the milestones in your existence?

Was it an accident

or an illness

or a divorce

or a job loss

or a relationship that went bad

or a confrontation with a neighbor

or an arrest

or an unprovoked attacked

or a pregnancy

or a death

or a loss of faith that triggered the slap in the face of life's many struggles that caused you to lurch out of your comfort zone into a transcendent view of your life?

Traumas are devastating, and yet they can offer a chance to grow and change and learn the important lessons that can prove the valuable exercises in the evolution of your mind and spirit. With the pain, the fear, the anger, the anxiety come the opportunity to view your life's fragility. It forces you to break out of the old mold that has constrained your world.

Are you prepared for the inevitable traumas of life? No one is fully prepared, but there are people more ready and able to deal with the rude events that befall all people who live past the naïve self-centeredness of childhood innocence.

When next this happens to you and your world, when the events transpire to open wide your eyes, please take good care of yourself and then find the lessons that you have as a new opportunity to learn. Find some "healthy" support or counsel and ride the tsunami generated by life's earthquakes to the place where you can find your destiny.

Hopefully, find grace in the aftermath of your Hell on Earth… and, let your traumatic "reality checks" offer you the insights and motivations to grow and change in the most positive ways.

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