Own A Website And Gain From Domain During The Time Of Crisis

by Abdul Wasey - Date: 2009-02-05 - Word Count: 677 Share This!

The world as a whole, and each one of us individually, are being affected by the current global financial turmoil at some level. Hundreds of thousands of people are losing jobs everyday across the globe. Those who are still employed are keeping their fingers crossed and waiting for their turn.

Even people working with the biggest corporations and organizations are feeling the pinch of insecurity. Some 'benevolent companies' are retaining their employees on slashed salaries and perks.

Experts say things will hopefully be back to normal in couple of years. However for the time being, hope of getting new job opportunity in our respective fields are getting dimmer and future looks dark.

One cannot stay jobless and wait for couple of years to get things normal. But then where to find a suitable job at this point of time? Is there any cheap and best way to start earning some cash to at least meet both ends?

Well where there is will there is way. One of the answers is: Go online for better opportunities.

Does the solution sounds slightly awkward? Sorry to differ with you but no, it is not. Let me explain.

Cyberworld offers everything - from advices to opportunities, from jobs to entertainment, from news to views.

Brush up your curriculum vitae (CV) and post it on hundreds of thousands of websites, which are offering jobs. But then your CV should be slightly more impressive than others.

It would be better if you could give your URL or website address, along with other details about you like Name, Address, Phone number, experience, etc in your CV. Besides having an additional impact, it will also help your prospective employer to know about you in detail.

Now the question is what shall you post on your website? Besides posting your professional achievements in further details, you can upload handful of articles related to your profession. It may not necessarily be written by you. You can post the writings of professional authors after seeking their permission and giving them due credit. It will show your knowledge, interest and sincerity towards your profession.

Besides having a presence in the cyberspace, you can also earn some extra cash by putting ads on your website. Google, Yahoo and other major internet players pay you for giving links to their ads on your website. And as time will pass, you will slowly come to know several other ways of earning money through your website.

Owning a website is surely not a solution but can bring at least some relief, hope and earnings in this time of crisis when either your job is lost or salary is slashed.

A personal website not only helps you in getting in touch with people around the world as your name gains prominence in the cyberspace but also opens a door of opportunities on you. It not only becomes a window to share views and concerns on any issue on the earth with people around the globe but also a platform to promote your cause.

The next question is: How to go for it? Register a domain name, which is called web address in simple words, through a professional registrar like gainfromdomain.com. These registrars, including gainfromdomain.com, also provide space on webhosting server and other tools required to make a website.

Another question is: How to design your website since you are not quite internet savvy or is there anyone who could provide professional help in this matter?

The answer is: Yes. There are several websites, which provide tips on building a website or provide ready-to-use website templates, including gainfromdomain.com. Again there are hundreds of thousands of people out there in cyberspace who could help you in arranging the content for your website and designing it.

Right now I am doing a research on the cheap and best developers in the cyberspace and will write about them in one of my coming articles.

Till then you look out for a suitable website address, or domain name as it is called. No goal is impossible to achieve. The only thing you need is to start making efforts for it sincerely.

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Abdul Wasey is a Senior Journalist working with a Dubai-based newspaper. He helps individuals and organisations in creating and running their website through his online store www.gainfromdomain.com.

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