What Benefits Do You Offer to Your Clients?

by Jody Gabourie - Date: 2008-06-16 - Word Count: 453 Share This!

To find your most profitable clients the first small business tactic that needs to be done is to figure out what exactly you have to offer to potential and current clients.

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that what's important is their expertise, credentials, processes, or their products and services.

Yes, all of these are relevant but they are not the true motivator for your prospects and clients in determining whether or not to do business with you. Their biggest concerns are all about themselves - what they need and what they want.

They want to know what you can offer to them in terms of solving their problems and making them feel good. Anytime you can help a prospect feel better, avoid pain, be smarter, save time or money - then you are truly providing a benefit.

The benefits of your products and services need to answer the eternal customer question: "What's in it for me?"

Of course, before you can figure out what benefits and solutions you are offering - you need to really have a clear understanding of what your target market/niche market wants.

You can ask yourself questions about your target market such as the following:

* Are they in financial stress?

* Do they have relationship problems?

* Are they in pain?

* Are they not reaching their full potential in business?

* Are they disorganized?

* Do they have too much to do and not enough time to do it?

* Is their pet sick?

* Are they having trouble selling/buying a home?

* Are they overweight?

Your target market shares commonalities in the struggles and frustrations they face and you need to determine what solutions and benefits your company can provide to help them out.

Another way to think about the benefits you offer your prospects and customers is to think about what you are really selling. Copywriters don't sell pretty words; they sell communication and connection. Eye doctors don't sell frames and glass; they sell vision. Financial planners don't sell investments; they sell peace of mind and freedom.

So what do you help people be?

* happier?

* a profitable business person?

* richer?

* less stressed?

* healthier?

* an expert in their field?

* more organized?

* a better spouse, parent, boss?

* more financially secure?

* a better cook?

* more successful?

There's a reason why this is the first step in the marketing process to find and keep your most profitable clients. If you haven't got a clear understanding of what you have to offer in exchange for what people want, then you'll have a difficult time trying to make a marketing relationship work.

The effort you put into this first step impacts all of your marketing efforts. So take some time today to think about what exactly you offer to your clients, and you'll have a strong foundation for successfully marketing your business.

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