Effective Hair Care

by Vincent Platania - Date: 2008-09-05 - Word Count: 511 Share This!

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There is a hair care product that is great for any style of hair. That product is a leave in conditioner. Hair conditioners are typically left in for a few minutes and then rinsed away. The products that are made from ingredients that can be left in your hair all day long are the most effective. The keep working all day after your hair care routine is finished.

A great way to improve the condition of your hair is to give your hair a final rinse of cold water when you are finished shampooing. This rinses away any excess shampoo from your hair and will shock the hair shaft shut. People who are into natural methods suggest using rainwater to rinse your hair. This may be very true because natural rainwater is not full of chemicals like your tap water.

Some people advocate the use of beer on your hair to give you a good curl to your hair. This method can work well also. You can also steep herbs in water for the final rinse to your hair to give it a nice condition all over. Rosemary is a good herb to use for this method. There are many natural ingredients that you can use on your hair, like coconut milk, which gives you great conditioning and smells good at the same time.

Conditioners work by smoothing out the outer layer of the hair shaft. This hair has a tendency to split away from the rest of the hair and cause fly away or dry frizzy looking hair. The conditioner is supposed to smooth down these individual hairs and let them be combed and styled without breaking away and splitting.

There are some things that are done in the name of hair care that are very damaging to our hair. Too much heat and hairspray are a couple of these things. If you use a cool setting on your hair dryer you will be helping to keep your hair in the best condition. Leave your hair a little damp when you are drying to prevent excessive damage to your hair. If you are in an area or time of year that will allow, let your hair dry on its own for the best condition of all.

The chemicals that are used in hair products are another way to cause damage to your hair. The hydrogen peroxide that is used in hair coloring products is one type of chemical that can cause damage to your hair. Permanents and straightening chemicals are other such damaging products.

To keep your hair in the best condition just wash and condition it every day. By getting rid of the dirt that can be in your hair you are preventing damage that can be caused by the dirt getting caught in your brush and causing your hair to tear. You can also improve your diet to make sure you have the healthiest hair you can.

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