Buying Ebooks - It's a Question of Format

by Rupert Malone - Date: 2007-01-17 - Word Count: 404 Share This!

Ebooks come in many different formats, from the simple text file through to .exe and PDF files. PDF is probably the most common and popular of these, with .exe running a close second. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage, from a buyer's point of view, with .exe ebooks, is that sometimes, once the ebook they have bought, the buyer finds that he/she is only able to view it while online. Worse still is the fact that at some future date the person that has produced the ebook and stored its files online might take the site down. This is a problem that the buyer never has to face when purchasing an ebook that has been produced in PDF format.

Things are not all bad with .exe though. With an .exe ebook the buyer might find that he/she can have the pleasure of reading an ebook that is illustrated with lovely, moving GIF pictures. Or, better still watch, and listen, to a video. So in a lot of ways .exe is the more colourful of the ebook options.

Both formats share certain features. For instance, both usually have an in-built search function so that the reader can easily locate the information they seek. It is also possible to change the text size - a real bonus for those people with poor eyesight. Sometimes the buyer will find that their ebook contains bookmarks. These are another very handy way for the reader to find the page, or section that they want. Then again, sometimes the reader will find that the bookmarks are missing. Often the only way to know if an ebook contains bookmarks is to by it and see. With the search facility though, the lack of bookmarks is not a big problem.

As stated earlier, there are certain advantages to .exe, and it can be the most colourful, although, be warned, there are some very basic .exe ebook out there folks (two tone only and not a lot of imagination). If you are buying .exe I would certainly say the better .exe buy is going to be a self contained ebook. If all the information is external links and data think twice. Will it still be there next year, or even next week? I have opened up a lot of ebook to read only to find the words 'Site not Found.' These were old ebooks that I had got for free. It makes you think though.

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