Vietnam is Its Own Interests and Great Power Game Slit Swing.

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Vietnam, the country is self-interest and large cracks in the rock game.

As the rotating chairman of ASEAN in 2010, Vietnam will be 28 to 30 October the 13th, held in Hanoi, China - ASEAN (10 +1) Summit, 13th ASEAN (10 +3) leadership meeting of the Fifth East Asia Summit, Japan and ROK Summit.

In this series of summits on the eve of Vietnam's foreign policy there is a clear trend since the 1990s, the more positive developments in relations between the idea of being frequent challenges.

It is said that Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung during the summit this week will discuss Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan RE development issues. Many analysts believe that this cooperation directed at China. Since the September collision over the Diaoyu Islands, Japan has repeatedly all agreements unilaterally accuse China of violating WTO to limit the export of rare earth to Japan.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will visit to Vietnam during the summit. 13th of this month, Defense Minister also held bilateral talks, both sides decided to strengthen bilateral military cooperation. India said it would greatly help to strengthen the army in Vietnam, especially the navy, Vietnam also agreed to open its ports to India, the Indian warships to provide maintenance supply services.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will attend the East Asia Summit. Since August of this year, Vietnam-US bilateral defense exchanges frequent sudden, the two sides held vice-ministerial dialogue, the Department of Defense, the U.S. destroyer visited Da Nang in Vietnam, the U.S. military is also the South China Sea between China and Vietnam were non-combat exercise.

The United States in Vietnam, India to open the door to enter the South China Sea, China for the first time this year, the South China Sea is defined as the country's core interests. Therefore, as the more the United States, India and Vietnam, the more rapid warming-Japanese relations, some analysts believe that Vietnam is the joint United States, India, Japan and balance China.

South China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Institute of South East Asia and Oceania, 27, researcher, told Chu Hao said Vietnam has been pursuing diplomatic balancing strategy. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Vietnam, China was chosen to balance relations with the United States, with the rise of China is now faster, on Vietnam's economic, political influence has deepened, Vietnam will have an uncomfortable sense of unease under the influence in Vietnam selected the United States, Japan, India, as a means of balancing China's influence.

The main conflict between China and Vietnam's sovereignty and development in the South China Sea.

Vietnam is a 3,200 km long coastline with the country, according to Vietnam's maritime strategy three years ago published a blueprint for Vietnam to make the marine economic output by 2020 gross domestic product (GDP) from the current 47% -48% to 53 % -55% in exports, exports of marine economy in 2020 will be increased to 55% of the country's exports -60%.

January 2011, Viet Cong XI held. Chu Hao pointed out that this year the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam is facing increasing pressure, domestic hostile forces, there are also peaceful evolution of foreign attempts inside and outside this situation, the only choice to speed up economic development and maintaining social stability. This makes Vietnam will be more dependent on marine resources development.

In order to safeguard maritime interests, Vietnam in 2009 bought from Russia arms worth 3.5 billion, a record.

An analysis of anonymity told this reporter that the Vietnamese naval power is the fastest growing Asian countries, the income and expenditure decisions of the Vietnamese value for the South China Sea.

He then said that the Vietnamese to seek a balance between the major powers, use of checks and balances of other countries-China policy and its practical usefulness is limited. Vietnam know that the United States and South China Sea and China will not fall out. Prior to the outcome of the Sino-Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands in Vietnam also very realistic reference. Now, Vietnam and the United States and Japan, go so close, the biggest risk is damage to China-Vietnam relations. Vietnam at this point need to be carefully weighed.

August 25, Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defence will visit Beijing Ruan Zhi Yong said that the Vietnamese will never become a military alliance with the United States.

October 27, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that Vietnam will work to promote cooperation between ASEAN and China.

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