Microfilm Scanning Project For The City Of Miami

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The City of Miami and many other cities may have converted documents from microfilm to a digital format. Other cities that have not scanned microfilm records will probably look at this possibility in the near future.

The City of Miami and their customers may both benefit from digitizing microfilm records. Consider that the they have millions of records stored on microfilm, as an example. These records may need to be accessible to the people who used them for research and development. The City of Miami my need to make sure that thousands of rolls of microfilm are inventoried in an efficient manner so that the microfilm can be located as needed. It is also very important that in this case, the City of Miami maintain a temperature control room to protect the microfilm from damage. For a process like this, the City of Miami would also need people on the budget to handle the labor generated. A backup copy of each roll of microfilm is also needed to support the safety of the information and this may be another responsibility for the City of Miami. This means additional cost in storage space and personnel.

The City of Miami may take advantage of a digital and more automated system once all the records that exist on microfilm are digitize. The City of Miami may be able to do away with the cost associated from maintaining a microfilm library once they are able to implement a digital storage and retrieval system. On top of cost savings, the City of Miami may also be able to service clients in a more efficient way. You may have fast access to records from a digital retrieval system. In a digital system, you may be able to search and find records through a database search in a computer and not have to depends on City of Miami employees. The City of Miami may save many hours of labor since they would need less personnel to work the system, and you as a consumer, spend less time waiting for information.

The technology today can allow cities to convert paper documents straight to digital. Paper form is usually the initial format of most records.Steps can be taken by the City of Miami to receive a digital copy or generate a digital copy of the document right from the original document The digital storage and retrieval system can be easily updated with digital images. The City of Miami can also make a microfilm copy of the images for back up reasons.

You can contact us for converting microfilm rolls, microfiche cards, or aperture cards, to create a digital system. We can create a digital storage and retrieval system for you from your microfilm library.

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