What Are The Yeast Infection Symptoms In A Man?

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Just as it is possible for a baby to have a yeast infection, so is it possible for yeast infection symptom in man to exist. Many people are under the impression that only women can experience a yeast infection in their genital region. Although it is true that women are far more likely to develop these yeast infections, thinking a man cannot develop a genital yeast infection is a misconception that needs to be dispelled.

Men, like women have candida present in their gut. A candida overgrowth, better known as candidasis, is simply the fancy way of saying yeast infection. For instance, oral thrush, and many skin rashes and infections such as athlete's foot are all forms of yeast infections that are linked to candida. Thus, genital yeast infections are an infection caused by candida overgrowth and other contributing factors.

What are the other causes aside from candida? Unlike oral thrush yeast infection symptom in man - often caused by HIV - A yeast infection that affects the genital region, known as a penile yeast infection, can be caused by different factors. Some of these factors may include the following -

Sexual transmission - If a man has unprotected sex with a woman, who has a vaginal yeast infection, candida can be transmitted from her to him through direct contact, just like a sexually transmitted disease. Although this isn't entirely a common occurrence, it can and does happen more frequently than one would think.

Antibiotics - It is really uncommon for a penile yeast infection symptom in man to develop from antibiotics, but it is not impossible. Antibiotics are considered candida friendly because they destroy good bacteria and bad bacteria, creating an imbalance in gut flora which can result in candida overgrowth and lead to infection.

Diabetes - Men who have diabetes are at a greater risk of developing yeast infections due to the fact that they have elevated sugar levels in their urine.

What are the symptoms? The following are some of the penile yeast infection symptom in man to look for:

• Irritation and soreness present in the head of the penis, often accompanied by itchiness.

• The head of the penis may appear red and develop small blisters

• Presence of discharge that appears thick and white

• Little red itchy bumps may appear on the penis shaft or surrounding genital area if a yeast infection is left untreated.

If a man is experiencing these symptoms, it is important that he visit his doctor to receive a proper diagnosis. There are two main reasons why a professional diagnosis is important -
1.If a man does not treat a yeast infection, he can pass it back to his partner, and she can continue to pass it back to him. Both sexual partners should be treated to eradicate the threat of infection.

2. Although a man may think he is suffering a yeast infection, in actuality his symptoms may be the cause of an entirely different medical condition- genital herpes. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is characterized by little itchy bumps, and is a chronic disease that can not be treated with the same remedies as a yeast infection.

Hence, always have symptoms investigated by a health care provider to be sure, and refrain from self-diagnosis.

How is a penile yeast infection symptom in man treated? In most cases it is treated with the same topical cream prescribed to women with vaginal yeast infections. These creams are available without a doctor's prescription at your local pharmacy. Just remember, that if you've never experienced a penile yeast infection before, it's a good idea to visit your doctor, get checked out, and take his treatment advice to experience effective relief.

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