Seven Easy Bathroom Accessories To Give You The Look You Want

by Samantha Kay - Date: 2007-05-28 - Word Count: 495 Share This!

Anyone with a designer eye or the desire to have one knows there is a whole lot more to bathroom accessories than just towels and washcloths. Choosing just the right accessories can make or break a design theme.

Beyond the fixtures, the wall coloring and the floors, the bathroom accessories are necessary to tie a design scheme together. When every detail is "just right," the bathroom can turn out to be the best-dressed room in a home.

The types of bathroom accessories that can add to or take away from the look of the room include:

* Throw rugs. These are standard accessories in most bathroom designs. Protecting other carpeting or feet on the way out of the shower or providing comfort for those using the commode, these rugs are vital for tying a look together. Try to choose them carefully to match the design that has been chosen. A modern scheme for a child's bathroom, for example, might call for very bright and bold throw rugs.

* Soap and toothbrush holders. These are pretty small touches in the grand scheme of things, but they can carry on the theme. A nautical bathroom, for example, might have a beautifully hand painted soap holder on the vanity top and a similar design for the toothbrush holder.

* Shower curtains. Unless a glass door is in use, this is a major accessory to consider. The shower curtain is often one of the biggest accessories that goes into a bathroom. Find the right materials, color or design to match the chosen look. Pay attention to the curtain chosen when picking out other appointments such as rugs and towels.

* Trash receptacle. This can be a huge addition in a bathroom design. The options here range from those that are meant to sort of blend into the background to those that standout all on their own.

* Magazine holders. These can also be fantastic bathroom accessories. When they are attractive and match the design theme, they can really help complete a look.

* Mirrors. Anyone can have a plain, unframed mirror on the bathroom wall, but when these accessories are designed to make a statement they can do so in a big way. Some people opt to find designer mirrors that accent their theme and have them altered to serve as medicine cabinets. Others opt for funky-framed mirrors to hang on the wall as they are.

* Pictures. These should be chosen to add to the look desired. A country-themed bathroom, for example, might have pictures of flowers, crops, hearts, barnyard scenes or more. Pay very close attention when choosing these accessories for the bathroom. Beyond the shower curtains, these might be the single most important accessories for bringing a look together.

Some people choose to have a plain old bathroom. Others want a look that follows a theme and turns the room into more of a retreat. This can be accomplished quite well when the bathroom accessories are carefully chosen to build up and build on the theme.

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