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Maybe some STO players mixing weapon types as much as in your configuration. While here we suggest you do not. As it will cost you plenty more skill points to have them at an effective level, better stick to one energy and one projectile type, preferably one of the less expensives as you will need all skill points for your operation and engineering skills you can get. Maybe anyone try to make any sci-ship a gun-boat will utterly fail. If you want to toast your enemies with pure firepower, better fly an advanced escort.

You can debuffs and healing/resistance buffs. The standard build is around phasers and quantums. Both are lowlevel tier skills(Star Trek Online Credits), so they cost less skillpoints to get them maxed. A Dual phaser beam bank, a phaser beam array and a quantum torp. Back had 2 Phaser beam arrays and a quantum. You can currently with an additional tricobalt in front, removing the beam array. Some players do not really kill enemies with Phaser-Firepower alone, even with a weapon battery or Beam overload the damage output will be far less than any escort or cruiser dishes out.

If you combine BO-powers like Tachyon Beam, SNB and Sensor Scan you should be able to drop shields and do some damage. at current config Tachyon beam does roughly 4000 Shield damage, the Sensor Scan gives -90% damage resistance for my target. Follow up with a Beam overload or a TSS Shield and you should be able to fire a HYT-Salvo at his bare hull. Works quite well, though play in a helpful and effective team, were we try to complement each others capabilities.

After all, you must find some configuration that suits your needs best. We all play differently, meaning there will be more than one useful build around. This one is quite standard and has served me well troughout season 1. Here is Star Trek Online powerleveling.

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