A Fitness Routine That Centers On Cardio

by Wendy Mitchell - Date: 2007-07-01 - Word Count: 338 Share This!

Now is the perfect time to dive into swimsuit season, so get in shape before you hit the beach, luxuriate by the pool or relax at the lake.

For those who are regularly active, take heart. You are twice as likely to prevent coronary heart disease than someone who is inactive. These tips will help get you started on a shape-up routine that centers on cardio. Remember, in order to capitalize on your cardio, you should incorporate stretching and resistance training into your routine.

On Your Mark

• If you haven't been active lately, set small goals to reach the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity on most, preferably all, days of the week. As you improve, continue to challenge yourself with new goals.

• Avoid general objectives such as "get in shape." Be more specific. Vow to walk each weekday and keep up with your grandchildren at the park on weekends.

• Exercise doesn't have to involve sports. Many hobbies and chores can help you get in shape, too. Spring clean your house, tend to your garden or volunteer for a community event.

• Pressed for time? Squeeze in 10 minutes of exercise three times per day, rather than scheduling a lengthier half hour. If you enjoy jogging, try sprints. Though shorter in length, a more intense workout can burn more calories, both during your activity and throughout the remainder of the day.

Commitment to Cardio

• Any physical activity that increases your heart and breathing rates will not only keep you looking and feeling good, but also healthy. Exercise can regulate hormone levels to help prevent breast and prostate cancers, and speed up the digestive process, which helps prevent colon cancer.

• Change your routine once your body adjusts to your workout. Vary intensity, time or the activity itself to sustain your spring resolution.

• You're more likely to stick with an activity that suits your personality. If you're social, join an aerobics or spin class. Hiking burns approximately 370 calories per hour. For those who prefer low-impact cardio, try yoga, cycling or swimming.

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