Using the Law of Attraction to Create Better Relationships

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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Create Better Relationships

Relationships take a lot of work. Even if the two nicest people in the world enjoy a relationship together, sooner or later they�re going to get on each other�s nerves. You can use the law of attraction to your benefit whenever your relationship hits a bumpy spot. But by utilizing the powerful law of attraction, you can navigate bumpy spots in your relationship with ease--as well as keeping a healthy relationship going strong!

The Law of Attraction: Give, and You Shall Receive

It can be disheartening when our partners disappoint us. We may fear that they are no longer the person we fell in love with. But really they are--they�re just human, that�s all. Everyone makes mistakes and has bad days. You can use the law of attraction to get back that person you fell in love with; just picture your partner being the loveable, fun, kind person he or she is capable of being.

On the other hand, if you harbor resentment in your heart, the law of attraction will render you and your partner like opposing ends of a magnet--you will repel from one another! If you keep score and constantly think of what a buffoon your partner is, the law of attraction will make only disharmony continue to erupt between you. Likewise, if you withhold physical affection such as hugs or kisses, the tension between the two of you will only escalate, according to the law of attraction. You must give love to receive love. If you�re only sending out negative vibes, you will likewise only receive negative vibes in return.

Rather, shower affection on your partner. According to the law of attraction, when you give love, you receive love. Love transforms even the grumpiest of people. Love can be in the form of a hug, a back rub or an ecard--or all of the above! It only takes a few minutes to show love. When you initiate the law of attraction, your partner will again become the person you fell in love with in no time!

You can even utilize the law of attraction to keep a healthy relationship going strong. Regularly picture you and your partner laughing together and sharing love, especially when you�re showing physical affection, such as hugging. Better yet, picture you and your partner having fun together when you�re old! The law of attraction will help you reap a healthy, happy and fun relationship that lasts the rest of your lives.
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