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by Wiradhitya Nugraha - Date: 2007-04-26 - Word Count: 310 Share This!

Love Poems, a great way to express your feeling whenever you feel so splendid beautiful feeling at falling in love, heartbroken, disappointed, or at any time you just want to say I LOVE YOU to someone you love in an amazing-different way.

Below are three examples of Love Poems

I am sorry

I am sorry,
I can't write many words to you
I am out of ink
Last night, I write your name
in the sky...

(Free translation of Rieke Dyah Pitaloka poem titled 'Maaf')

Lonesome Wind

There would come a time when you forget, perhaps
the stories you have whispered
between the rustling of bamboo leafs


There would be no more endless lonesome years, perhaps
on the night sky scattered by star lights
you used to tease

There would be no more useless season, perhaps
your desire to the dawn rest in a sprinkle of dew
which comes uncertainly

There would come a time you would understand, perhaps
it is a prairie
which has never asked more than a soft wind
that would bring your perfume to the alleys of rock mountain
when you have already afford to dance with the weeds


Our Books, How are They?

It's time for our books to be closed
Go ahead, write the new pages of your book
Don't open your old books
since those every words written are
the desiring soul.

Write your new books with full colored dreams
Not our dreams that dark and gloomy
I myself will write my new book
with dream of a violet butterfly
whose wings are scratched.
with dream of raining tears
which drift the rainbow in the edge of the sky
when the sky is orange colored.

Remember our book of dreams
with the memory of a hope
that went down in an inability
ended with the palace burned

Your book, my book, and our book
is a journey without beginning nor ending.

Loving you, with life, blood, and dreams.

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