3 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

by Michael Norris - Date: 2009-11-12 - Word Count: 496 Share This!

These 3 signs of cheating spouses can help you can catch your cheating spouse if you know what look for. These are signs that you may overlook. The signs of a cheating spouse are often right in front of you but we don't realize whats happening until its to late. Whatever you do, don't let your spouse know you suspect him of cheating until you have some good, solid facts to back up your suspicions.

These 3 signs of a cheating spouse are changes they are trying to make with their physical appearance. Your spouse may give you what seems like good reasons for why they are attempting to change their appearance but I know from experience their may be a hidden reason. They have found a new lover!

The first sign you may notice is that your spouse is upgrading his wardrobe. He may even tell you he needs some new clothes. The clothes he currently has are outdated he says. Your spouse may also be wearing cologne more frequently or even wearing a new fragrance. The thing here is did he wear cologne before? Why did he change fragrances? Also what reason does he give you for the change in wardrobe and using more cologne than normal. Don't grill him on this, just comment casually during conversation that you have noticed the changes.

Have you noticed a change in his diet. This is the second sign. He all of a sudden says he wants to lose some weight. He says needs to eat more healthy. We all know that losing some weight is a good thing. So this by its self means nothing. But if you put this sign together with other indicators of a cheating spouse you may be on to something.

Does he have a new gym membership or is he actually using his old membership all of a sudden? Again this is a good thing in most cases. We all need to exercise more. But could he have another reason for wanting to lose some weight and get in better shape. A cheating spouse often feels the need to get in better shape and lose some weight when he finds a new lover. Especially if the new lover is younger.

Each one of these 3 signs of a cheating spouse can mean nothing when looked at individually. But if you think your spouse may be cheating on you, then you need to look for multiple signs. Normally one or two signs may mean nothing but if you have 3 or 4 good signs its time to start looking at doing some further investigation on your own to determine if you truly have a cheating spouse.

These 3 signs together give you a good reason to keep your eyes open for more signs. Look at other areas of your spouses life. Do you see changes there also?

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