Residential Bridging Loan: Do not Miss Out on your New Home

by Eva Baldwyn - Date: 2007-08-29 - Word Count: 343 Share This!

Everyone does not get the privilege to own their dream house. If you have found out yours but are lacking the cash required, you may lose out on it to the other property mongers in the market. To buy your dream house as soon as possible, you can take up

The main purpose of the residential bridging loan is that it acts as a temporary arrangement of finances till the borrower can make some arrangement of money for the property transaction. The phase of cash gap that the borrower is facing can be filled in by the residential bridging loan.

The borrower can take up the residential bridging loan when he wants to buy a new residential property but his earlier property has not been sold yet or he is facing a delay in receipt of funds from the new owner of his property. Also, the borrower can use the residential bridging loans when he wants to buy a residential property being sold in an auction. In this case, he will need money urgently and residential bridging loan can solve the purpose due to its fast approval.

Residential bridging loan is a short term secured loan which requires the new property that is being bought to be pledged as collateral with the lender. After the cash amount is arranged by the borrower, he can repay it back and get the title of the residential property transferred to his name. The term of repayment for residential bridging loan is 1-12 months. It is an interest only loan which means that only the interest has to be paid during the term till the principal cash is arranged.

Bad credit borrowers can also take up residential bridging loan without much hassle as they also have to pledge property for it. This will nullify the risk of non-repayment and thus loan amount is approved for them too.

Now no one will have to compromise with their desire of owning a dream house, just because of a cash gap. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your dream come true.

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