Don't Make Yourself A Target

by William F. Gabriel - Date: 2010-07-02 - Word Count: 503 Share This!

Technology has undoubtedly increased the quality of lives of most people. It is now simpler to stay in touch with those you love and enjoy the things you love while on the go. But technology can also be a bad thing, for the reason that it takes our attention away from things that are much more important. Such as our personal safety. That is why the basics of self defense training lie in awareness before violence.

The thing is, most violent attacks can be prevented. And there is a very sound reasoning for this. Criminals, especially muggers, rely on the element of surprise in order to limit any risk of getting stopped or caught. Meaning, they will look for anyone who appears distracted and will mark them as an easy target. Think about it: if you headphones are blaring as you walk down the street, texting away on your cell phone, you are making yourself extremely vulnerable to an attack. Any criminal with any experience would take one look at you and mark you as an easy hit. So without ever learning any self defence training styles, you can already start to take care of yourself when you're out in public.

Your eyes and ears are your most valuable weapons when it comes to protecting yourself. By simply always being on alert when out in public, you dramatically decrease the risk of being attacked. So a great tip to follow is to keep your eyes and ears open and free of obstruction. That includes music. However, if you simply cannot walk or jog without your headphones, then the best option would be to only have it in one ear at a time. That way you will be able to hear someone coming up behind you. But if you must have music going, then you need to increase your visual awareness. Constantly keep your eyes darting around and be wary of anything that looks suspicious.

Some other basics of self defense training are simply knowing your city. Although crime can certainly happen anywhere, even in the nicest neighbourhoods, it tends to be concentrated more in certain parts of town. By simply talking to friends and neighbours, you can find out which parts of town you should avoid. Your local police department will likely be glad to help you narrow down the zones that you and your family should avoid. By simply making a few phone calls, you can dramatically increase your chances of not being in a violent altercation.

Self defence training is extremely important for anyone, no matter where you live. But before you learn any of the fancy moves that you can use to take down an attacker twice your size, focus on becoming more aware of your surroundings. The benefits are immense because not only are you making yourself safer, but you might notice a thing or two about your town that you never noticed before. Danger lurks around every corner, but by being aware, you strongly decrease your chances of being involved in it.

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