Health, Calorie Shifting Diets - What are they?

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Though there are various ways to lose weight, one reasonable way is to change dietary patterns. Your body becomes over weight because of unutilized calories and to cut down excess weight, cutting down calorie intake sounds logical. But it is not possible to reduce all the calories because to work properly, your body wants calories. Human body has the tendency to follow previously recorded patterns. Hence, when you reduce diet, the body will prepare itself for drought storing more fat. By reducing intake, body acts to store more fat. Calorie shifting uses this property of human body and alternates between high and low calorie diets to increase metabolism.

With a boost up in metabolism, your body will start burning fat faster thus achieving weight loss. In calorie shifting diet, you are free to consume specific diets in no specific order. Various types of foods with different calories are consumed and hence, calorie intake is different everyday. Rather than following to a regular routine, your body will be motivated to work with different calories increasing metabolic rate. You don't have to eliminate any food group. You are encouraged to eat full sized meals with correct food.

Many dieters are generally instructed to eliminate carbs. In this process, they also push aside essential proteins. Without sufficient carbs, your metabolism will slow down which is undesirable. Calorie shifting diets encourage you to eat all types of foods without reducing anything. High fat foods are avoided, as they are hazardous to your normal health. Generally, diets let you stay hungry but with calorie shifting, you always feel full and there is no need to starve.

In calorie shifting diet pattern, you don't have to forget any of your favorite food. There will be a few high calorie and low calorie days. If you love chocolates, you can consume a piece of it on your high calorie day. Low calorie day does not mean that you are going to be hungry. Still you can eat full meals but the constituents will have fewer calories. Cheating days are allowed in this type of diet to let you eat whatever you like without counting on calories.

It is not that you have to follow calorie shifting diet for lifetime. You can follow dietary pattern when you want to lose weight. You can continue with calorie shifting diets as long as you reach your weight loss goal. Before changing diet, you have to consult your doctor if you have other physical problems.

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