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When cable TV technology was first introduced a few decades ago, it didn't take long for it to become the TV service of choice. Since then, cable TV technology has only improved and now, one company has embraced all of those changes in order to provide the best service possible. This company is Comcast, and the services that it offers in have expanded to include high speed Internet access and telephone calling plans, as well as digital cable.

The high speed Internet access is perhaps the most noteworthy addition to Comcast's services just because of the options that it can open up for the people who use it. Anyone who has been using dial up Internet access will be amazed by what they can do with the high speed Internet access that they can experience over a cable connection. Websites that used to take forever to load are suddenly right there on your screen! Software updates that you had never even thought about downloading will be yours for the taking! All of the streaming audio, like form Internet radio stations, will fill your computer's speakers! Even online video- in the form of TV shows, news clips, amateur movies, and even full like feature films- will all be within your reach to enjoy!

To make its high speed Internet service even more attractive and user friendly, Comcast will provide you with lots of bonuses that will make using the service even more pleasurable and safe. These bonuses include special Web content like Internet radio streams, CNN News Clips, and coverage of Nascar races. You'll also have access to online games, music, and digital photos.

In addition to things that are fun to look at and do online, Comcast will also provide you with plenty of security features to keep your family, your identity, and your computers safe from the threats of the Internet. For example, you'll get access to McAfee VirusScan software for the duration of your Comcast subscription. You'll also have the option of installing a firewall to protect your computer from malicious software intent on stealing your personal information, or just being a nuisance.

The phone service provided by Comcast will also be a huge improvement on what you've been using. That's because this particular phone service provides you with a lot more than traditional phone services for an equivalent amount of money. For example, instead of having to pay extra fees for useful features like caller ID, speed dialing, call waiting, and voice mail; you'll get all of those features and more at no extra charge. Most of your long distance charges will also become ugly things from your past. That's because every call that you make through Comcast within the United States and Canada, no matter how far away that call is, is included in your flat monthly fee. That alone offers an incredible savings compared to your old phone company.

Of course one of the best things that Comcast still offers is digital cable TV. While digital cable TV technology is related to the cable TV that we've been enjoying since the eighties (and since the seventies in some areas) the digital cable TV provided by Comcast is a huge improvement. There are two reasons for this. First, there are many more channels than there used to be - over two hundred and seventy five to be specific. Second, the fact that all of those channels are digital means that they come though much more clearly than the analog signal that was used in the past.

With all of these extra features, bundled services, and all around improvements, Comcast is clearly the cable service provider of the future. This is the end of your search. Switch to the top cable provider.

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