These Are Some Of The Values That Ikea Stands For

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Ikea is a home furnishings giant and you will witness all the land mark differences it has continued to make in the world. You will get to see life changing stories and events and reading through the site will inspire you to look forward to the future with optimism. Some of the most interesting stories are on the staff. The staff makes it what it is today and without their dedication and commitment, it would be just another name. You will learn how staff have overcome their challenges to start from the bottom and rise through the ranks. One such example is the story of Martina who works at an ikea IT help desk in Sweden. She has also worked in Paris and Singapore.

According to her, working at here becomes a part of your culture and a part of life. The most striking thing about her story however is that she started out as a cleaner and managed to rise through the ranks. She owes this to this companys culture which recognizes hard work and rewards staff fairly and on merit. Martina has seen opportunities open up and she knows the journey is not yet over. She started working with it at only 17 and, she cleaned a warehouse and today she is an It manager. Without a doubt, this story will encourage anyone who thinks that starting low can never open big doors. Companies like this have put so much value in encouraging staff to become the best they can possibly be.

Another staff member who has worked at for 24 years is Ingeborg who is a sales co worker in Canada confirms that the atmosphere at its stores is homely and enjoyable and that the company management has made this possible. This is why at 71 she continues to work and she sees a bright future. Ikea will also give you the details of how to join them and some of the things they look for in a good candidate is the ability to deliver the work in the right manner. This is only a basic and the personal attributes of the person must be the right kind and they involve humility and a positive attitude coupled with self drive and motivation. The bottom line is a person who can work hard and be themselves.

At ikea, you must share values that will enhance the integration of fellow workers. The values can be summed up in togetherness, respect and humility. You can therefore apply online in your country and as you apply, you can expect several things from it. You will have the opportunity to work in a growing company that gives the staff opportunity to rise and realize they personal goals. You will get to learn the other things that the company has to offer. You will get to learn about its history and structures and also learn about the many products they offer. You can read online catalogs and get to subscribe to monthly updates and you will not only come out with a good product for your home, but, you will learn what it takes to start a company from the ground and build it to become a market leader recognized all over the world.

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