How To Use Forum Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

by Samantha Milner - Date: 2009-10-21 - Word Count: 339 Share This!

Forum Marketing is one of the best methods to generate free traffic and targeted leads for your top home business opportunity. It is also a good way to create natural back links for you website or blog. The true benefit to posting in forums is developing and being perceived as a leader which leads people to want to know more about you. Forums are great places to gain and share knowledge and develop skill sets.

Demonstrating leadership attracts people to you and the business that you are marketing. Some procedures must be followed when you participate in a forum.
Each forum has a different feel to it so spend some time checking out the post and the response to the posts. The first thing you need to do is set up your profile.

The profile is a great place to give people the opportunity to get to know you. Review the rules of the forum and also read any "sticky" posts will provide you with invaluable information. You are allowed a signature that will appear below every thread that you post in that forum. Your signature is the only place that self serving links are allowed.

The body of the post may contain non-self serving links that adds value to the conversation. A back link is a link from another site that leads back to your own.
The appeal of setting up back links in the Forums tends to attract spammers. The back links that the search engine recognizes from Forums are normally rated well. The owners of the forum will police the forum for spammers as best as they can.

The best ways to actively contribute to a forum are listed below:

1. Ask a genuine question
2. Answer a question
3. Request a critique
4. Make a suggestion
5. Provide an opposing view with respect
6. Agree with a post
7. Provide a link to a relevant You Tube Video
8. Suggest a helpful resource or link
9. Provide a useful tip
10. Post summary of current news that is relevant.

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