The Alzheimer Test is Here

by Stig Kristoffersen - Date: 2008-04-15 - Word Count: 434 Share This!

The Alzheimer test is here

Dements can be prevented, however not cured.

A test that can reveal Alzheimer disease up to six years before the symptoms shows is soon available.
The American pharmaceutical company Power3 Medical Products launches the test that will be in the American market and Greece this summer. According to the producer it has a certainty level of around 90 percent.
It is taken as a simple blood test and various bio markers and proteins are analyzed and show if the disease is under development.
What is the purpose of proving the disease before it is there, unless there is a treatment for it? Asks the critics of this test.

No progress
Medical environment claims it will be a big progress for the patients to have this test available. It is an exiting development, but todays treatment of Alzheimer has a moderate to no effect on the patients. The main progress for this analysis will be the day we can treat this type of patients, and can have a head start on the disease before it develops to a problem for the patient and his closest in family and friends.
The norwegian pharmaseutical company called DiaGenic has recently taken a patent on a Alzheimer-test, that will reveal the disease at an early stage. This test is assumed to be available in the European market soon.

Can be prevented
Dements- disease hits thousands of elderly people every year. One assumes that there will be a twice as many of these cases during the next twenty years. This is mainly due to the elderly boom in the world, but also related to life style and diet.
We know that smoking and diabetes type 2 and obesity and high blood pressure increases the risk for dements syndrome.
It is possible to be pro-active and prevent the disease at an early stage in life.
Make sure you have a good diet with lots of fish fat, fiber and varied types of vegetables, especially like broccoli, other cabbage types , tomatoes and berries.
Use your body every day in a physical activity. It is proven that women and men that walks long walks every day in lesser degree develops dements syndrome.
Using vitamin add ons like omega-3 (fish oil) has proven to prevent this disease and also improve people already proven to have this disease. A study from Karolinska University hospital in Sweden proved that omega-3-fat acid Epax1050 had a protective effect towards dements,
Keep social active , travel and experience new things.
Use your brain and challenge it through new challenges like for instance Sudoku or learn a new language.

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