Choosing The Right Commercial Cookery Degree Program

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In order to choose the right commercial cookery degree program, you should consider the following:

¥ Cooking skills you are interested in learning
¥ The amount of time you want to spend earning a degree or certificate
¥ Types of positions you are interested in pursuing after graduation

Even though each degree or certificate you earn can help you begin a career in the hospitality industry, learning specific skills in dessert making, and skills in plating and food preparation can help you find the job of your dreams.


This certificate program can be completed in one year. During this time, you will learn the following skills:

¥ Basic cookery methods
¥ Preparing soups, salads, sauces
¥ Seafood, meat & butchery, poultry & game
¥ Desserts & pastries
¥ Kitchen safety and hygiene

This certificate program will give you an overview of each area in a kitchen and help you develop management skills that you can use immediately after graduation.


In addition to the skills mentioned above, you will also learn how to plan menus, present food buffet-style, and learn more about running a small business. This certificate program will take 18 months to complete.

If you want to own a restaurant or manage one, this certificate will give you the skills to do so.


This diploma program combines management skills with cooking skills to prepare you to work in larger kitchens as a head chef, Sous chef, or kitchen supervisor. In order to complete this degree program, you must first complete a certificate IV in hospitality that will give you a solid background in the theories of cookery.

Other skills you will learn in this degree program include:

¥ Managing staff
¥ Creating budgets
¥ Maintaining stock
¥ Customer satisfaction
¥ Ensuring safety of all employees

You will have to invest two years in order to complete this program.

Each of the programs mentioned above include hands-on experience in a real kitchen that has been created for students. This will give each student the opportunity to complete tasks in each are of the kitchen. Only after students complete these assessments in a satisfactory manner will they be able to advance.

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