4 Tips To Increase Motivation At Your Work Place

by Abhishek Agarwal - Date: 2007-10-13 - Word Count: 443 Share This!

Successful companies often see a sudden rise in the number of people leaving them. Employees often leave a good company for a better one, and competition is high in the market place today. If your company is losing a lot of its trusted employees, you need to re think about the motivation factors in affect at the work place. Keeping your employees satisfied does not necessarily mean that you would have to spoil them or let them be lazy. Here are a few ideas to help keep the employees happy, while getting the work done at the same time:

1. Have a little fun at the work place!
You need to understand that maybe your employees are under a lot of pressure to perform at work, and maybe it is the high pressure that causes some of them to throw the towel in and leave. Adding a little bit of fun at the office may just encourage the workers to be a little more at peace with the environment in which they work. You could create breaks where everybody forgets work for a few minutes. At other times, you may see employees sharing a quick joke, and it is better not to discourage that. A happy employee will do a lot of work in a smaller period of time than an unhappy one being forced to sit at his desk and not move from there.

2. Treat your employees on a personal level.
Very often there are misunderstandings at the work place, and being the boss you could sort them out the best, provided you know every employee on an individual basis. Misunderstandings are often the result of poor communication, and knowing each worker on a personal level can help you see where a misunderstanding could have happened.

3. Give Incentives and Bonuses.
This goes a long way in making the work place more effective. Just make sure you do not have favorites who you just need a reason to reward - that is more destructive to the other employees than not giving bonuses at all.

4. Respect the expertise that an employee may have.
If someone is an expert at his own area, he really doesn't like being told how to get the job done. So, try and not interfere with the methods employed. Instead, concern yourself only with the results that are achieved.

You may well want to add to this list of how you could make the work place an enjoyable place to be in for the employees as well as for you your self. Remember, there is no harm done with a little bit of a casual atmosphere, as long as work goes on smoothly.

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