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by Jan Verhoeff - Date: 2007-03-03 - Word Count: 291 Share This!

Niche Marketing reveals specific products to an identifiable group of people. However, the value comes when a niche recognizes your specific brand. When your Brand is recognized by a specific niche, you don't have to waste money promoting to that market. They pre-market your product with searches to find "it".

Once they begin searching for your product, the marketing phase is over - NOT.

That's simply when you begin to target your niche with up sales promoting additional products. Importing product lines for a specific niche can include broadening your selection or simply widening the purchasing range.

Recently, I visited a site targeting paralegal secretaries. This highly specialized field requires education, continuing education, and personal development. The Savvy owner of this site added in fashions for the executive, and more recently, since many executive level secretaries are mom's of teenagers, included a teen fashion site specifically for prom and formal attire.

While the average paralegal, may not be seeking prom dresses for her own attire, she may be seeking them for her daughter.

The broad range of items available on her site for paralegal secretaries make sense to her, because she is a paralegal secretary, her site caters specifically to other women just like her. It features functional fashions for the office, make up, educational opportunities, entertainment, and quick meals for a busy working woman. This form of enlarging a territory works well within a well branded niche because women who find what they want in one place will return often to that spot. If it's a website that meets their needs, it will be listed on their favorites. The benefits are return sales, referral marketing, and a highly profitable niche.

Capture your niche and broaden your services with Recognized Branding effectively used to promote your business.

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Jan Verhoeff of Brand Your Market keeps recognition uppermost in the branding process. Bringing your business to the attention of your niche, and bringing your niche back to your business are our priorities. Sign up for your FREE Subscription to The Branding Iron at today.

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