Tips for Writers Block

by CD Mohatta - Date: 2008-08-02 - Word Count: 338 Share This!

Often when we get blocked it is because we need to write on a particular subject or for a particular assignment, and we may be feeling stressed about doing a good job. Try writing about anything else continuously for ten minutes or longer. Write something you plan to throw away or delete. This will get you started at writing, and you can gradually begin writing about your intended subject or assignment.

Sometimes we get stuck coming up with an idea for what to write about. This is understandable. There is a solution, however. Instead of coming up with a good idea for your topic, come up with twenty ideas that may or may not have any merit. Just rattle off possibilities. By coming up with twenty instead of one, you have no expectation for all of them to be good. After, you can choose the best among your selection.

Instead of your usual outline, try phrasing your jumping off points as questions. Just as in journalism, who, what, when, where, why, and how questions can lead you to what to write. It is easier to write a paragraph or a page in answer to a question than it is to write in response to a heading, so questions make wonderful outlines.

Imagine writing or talking to a particular person about your subject. Picture them as someone who isn't intimidating to you, perhaps an old friend who knows nothing about your subject or who easily accepts what you do. You might even address an email to them and begin telling your story or writing about the subject to them.

Make it a habit to keep typing or writing without pauses. Resist stopping to research, reread, edit, or procrastinate. Facts can always be checked later, editing can be done later, and relaxation time will be more fun after you have gotten this done. Get something down first.

Always talk to yourself positively about writing. Think about what excites you or is interesting about the topic or story, and try to tell that to your audience.

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