How To Start A Bonsai Harden

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If you're redesigning the landscape of your yard and considering adding a garden to your home, make sure that your list of options includes building a bonsai garden. A bonsai garden is a unique design in many ways, and having it will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Tips on Building Your Own Bonsai Garden

Size - Unlike other types of gardens, size isn't a consideration if you're intent on building a bonsai garden. If you don't have much space to work with, you can just as easily choose to grow all your bonsai from pots alone. Of course, you can let bonsai grow from the ground if you so wish. As long as all growing conditions are ideal, bonsai plants can grow just as large and strong as any other tree.

Indoor or Outdoor - It depends on you whether you wish to have an indoor or outdoor bonsai garden. Indoor gardens are easier to design and maintain, but they will have to occupy a part or one whole room in your house. Outdoor gardens can be small or big, but you'll definitely have to work harder in taking care of your bonsai plants because you have to contend with the usual natural factors that hinder plant growth.

Giving Shape - The art of cutting bonsai plants and molding them into the shape you desire requires patient effort. Although it's possible to learn by self-study, it's still best to enroll in a bonsai cutting workshop to ensure that you don't cause accidental harm to your plants. When giving bonsai plants as gifts to your guests, you can ask them ahead of time what shape they desire for their plants.

Choices, Choices - If you've given much thought to the idea and you've decided that an indoor bonsai garden will suit your home beautifully, here are a few bonsai plants that will adapt to indoor living: sacred bamboo, Chinese elm, fig tree, and Buddhist pine.

Warning - Many shops deliberately deceive people by mislabeling plants and passing them off as genuine bonsai plants. Make sure that you purchase bonsai plants only from people you know or trust and from legitimate shops in malls.

Bonsai plants age beautifully, and as such your bonsai garden can be an inheritance for your children and grandchildren. You can give them pot by pot or acre by acre, but make sure that your descendants understand the special kind of love that bonsais need. Take good care of your plants!

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