Positive Thinking - does it really work?

by Michael McGrath - Date: 2007-01-26 - Word Count: 617 Share This!

Personal Development can be easy! There are postions, pills , tapes, CDs, techniques and pre-made affirmations and of course the 'biggest seller' of all positive thinking.

We have all heard about the "power of positive thinking" but does it really work?

The quick answer is yes and the long answer is no!

What do I mean by that you may well ask? Well your thinking does create your reality but it's your predominant thinking that does this not just spouting a few affirmations for a few minutes a day and thinking that everything is going to magically sort itself out! The main reason why people fail to use the power behind positive thinking is because they do not fully understand the concept. If you take a barrel full of rotten apples and then just toss some fresh succulent apples in on top of it what happens? Yes, you guessed it, the nice fresh apples soon become spoiled. This is exactly what happens to most people's positive thoughts when they first try to use the power of positive thinking for their own personal development.

They fail in to utilize their God-given power of thought to its full extent. Think Positive by all means but do it right! Your subconscious mind is very much like the barrel and it is filled with rotten apples (negative thoughts) by throwing fresh apples (positive thoughts) on top you just make it worse because you are setting yourself up for failure. You need to change your beliefs at a deep level.

Basically everyone has self doubt, just to a lesser or greater degree. When we meet apparent failure we set up a thinking process in the subconscious mind which plays like a record on loop saying "you can't do it" or "you just aren't good enough" when we encounter a similar situation. This causes yet another "failure". Thinking positive does work but only if it is used correctly. Identify your weaknesses and begin to change them. Why are you thinking negatively? There must be a reason. I am sure you can give me hundreds. Look at the negative thought and believe and change it. Why aren't you good enough? Challenge the belief. Perhaps it has validity. If it does then change yourself so that it is no longer true!

Contrary to popular "new age thinking" some negative beliefs are true! "I can't run a mile in four minutes" is probably not negative thinking - its more than likely realistic! If you want to run a mile in four minutes you need to change that belief through a physical training program! The negativity that comes up from that may be "I can't put in the time involved to get into that type of physical shape". This type of negative thinking is just that - negative thinking. If you really want to run a four minute mile you will find a way to make the time.

In your life in general you may wish to yourself as a winner and negative thinking gets in the way. You can combat this through a correct personal development plan. Identify your negative beliefs and begin to change them one at a time. Don't just ignore them and ramble a load of affirmations and vague positive thoughts. Tackle them and kill them at their root. You can eliminate negativity from your life but you need to empty the barrel of rotten apples first. Then when the barrel is clean you can fill it up with positivity and your life will be transformed.

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