The Damaging Effects of Identity Theft

by Karen Howard - Date: 2007-03-14 - Word Count: 359 Share This!

Theft is the act of taking something that does not belong to you and is against the law. Theft can include stealing money for someone, shoplifting from a store, taking something for someone that does not belong to you, etc. Unfortunately, theft is prevalent in our current society.

There is a new threat that is happening at an alarming rate and affects thousands and thousands of people. Identity theft is the new threat that is being referred to.

When you think of all of the possible types of theft that can happen, identity theft ranks near the top in regards to the most damaging type of theft. This is largely due to the financial damage that can be the result of identity theft and the long term pains it can cause.

In case you are unaware, identity theft is the use of someone's personal information without their permission. This can include illegally using someone's name, address, social security number, or financial information.

Once a thief is able to gain access to someone's personal information, there are many fraudulent activities that they can perform. For example, using your credit card to make purchases or even starting up a new credit card account under your name and information. They may also gain access to your checking or savings account and withdraw funds.

The damages caused by identity theft are not limited to just financial problems. Identity theft can also take a toll on you personally and emotionally. Identity theft can leave a person feeling violated and can cause emotional struggles. Identity thieves can cause damage to your name and result in illegal activities being associated with you. The damages caused can take many months to clear up and to repair. In some instances, it can even take several years to completely clear up and have all illegal transactions cleared from your credit report.

A victim of identity theft can also find themselves having to explain the situation when a background check is performed. Whether it is being performed by a potential employer or in regards to securing a loan, it can be embarrassing and stressful to have to continually explain the situation and to clear ones name.

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