How Original Limu Moui Can Help Treat Type 2 Diabetes

by Maurice Petersen - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 652 Share This!

Type 2 Diabetes. Even the name sounds deadly. You would have to be a hermit not to know that more and more people are being diagnosed with this disease every year. It isn't only older adults that come down with this problem. More and more children have to contend with symptoms every day. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, your doctor will prescribe a diabetes treatment regimen.

But is there something else you can do to help care for your diabetes? Researchers have recently discovered that a 3,000 year old "health tonic" may help you to normalize your blood sugar.

Diabetes-A Short Introduction

Before you can understand what Original Limu Moui can do for you, you have to understand how diabetes works. Let's say you eat a brownie. All of that refined sugar and flour sends a lot of sugar (glucose) into your blood stream very rapidly. Your body counters this abuse by sending in the insulin. In a healthy system your body would use that insulin to bring its blood sugar levels down to normal. In a type 2 diabetic, the body either can not properly use that insulin or it doesn't recognize it. This is a gross oversimplification of a complex system, but you get the idea. The important point to understand is that spikes in blood sugar cause the body to send in insulin it can not use properly.

A Natural Treatment for Diabetes

Once you understand this important point, it is very easy to see how Original Limu Moui can improve the effectiveness of any diabetes care regimen. Spanish researchers found that brown seaweeds like Original Limu lowered blood glucose levels by 50% in diabetic rabbits. This is good news for diabetics. It is the abrupt spike in blood glucose that causes the body to send in insulin it can't use properly. Without the blood sugar spike, there is no excess insulin floating around the body.

Original Limu Moui has yet another up side. Our modern diet is full of refined sugars and flours. These products are absorbed very rapidly by the intestines, causing the blood sugar levels to rise too quickly. Not only can Original Limu Moui care for your diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels that are too high, it can slow the absorption of those sugars in the first place. Original Limu Moui is high in fiber. This is Mother Nature's natural method of slowing the absorption of glucose. Slowing the absorption of glucose stops a blood sugar spike before it starts. Now how is that for an effective diabetes treatment?

Let's be clear on one point: Original Limu Moui-and the very digestible key ingredient fucoidan-are not a cure for type two diabetes. Do not stop any medications that your doctor may have prescribed. The research into Original Limu Moui is still very new, even if the results so far have been spectacular.

Fortunately for the millions of type 2 diabetes sufferers out there, we do not have to wait until the FDA has tested and approved Original Limu Moui as an effective diabetes treatment. Original Limu Moui is a vegetable. It's a type of brown seaweed. And the key component-fucoidan-is an ultra digestible way of getting all of Limu Moui's health benefits. People have been eating seaweed for thousands of years. It has no side affects. It can be used safely in conjunction with the medications that your doctor has prescribed. If you are a borderline diabetic, Original Limu Moui, along with a healthy diet and exercise, can help you avoid medications all together. This is fortunate, because while Original Limu Moui has no side affects, the same can not always be said for synthetic medications. Give Original a try. You have nothing to lose but your bad health.

Limu Moui is not a medicine or a drug. While it can promote wellness,

it is not a cure. Do not use this or any article as a substitute for

medical advice. Consult your doctor.

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