Asthma Treatment Inhalers Bring Relief

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Asthma treatment inhalers are a breakthrough in the relief of the asthma sufferer. Asthma Inhalers are small, simple devices that allow people of all ages to get the necessary medicine to their lungs when it becomes necessary anywhere, anytime. There are a variety of asthma inhalers out there, but two very common types. The common types of asthma treatment inhalers are dry powder asthma inhalers and metered dose asthma inhalers.

Using an asthma treatment inhaler is one of the many ways that the asthma sufferer can help alleviate their symptoms and attacks. An asthma treatment inhaler is also one of the most effective treatment plans for asthma. Other treatments may include exercising, eliminating triggers and other plans as set forth by the patient and the physician.

Types of Asthma Treatment Inhalers

While a variety of inhalers exist today, they generally fall within two categories, metered dose and dry powder.

Metered Dose Asthma Treatment Inhalers

Asthma Inhalers that are metered dose use a propellant which pushes the medication out. People using this sort of inhaler normally either squeezes the canister or they directly inhale the medication.

Dry Powder Asthma Treatment Inhalers

Asthma treatment inhalers that are dry powder do not use a propellant which pushes the medication out. Instead, the medication gets released by the speed of the sufferer's inhales.

Both types of these inhalers can be used to offer an assortment of medications. The most common medications used in asthma inhalers are short acting bronchodilators, long acting bronchodilators, corticosteroids, nedocromil,cromolyn, and corticosteroid plus a long acting bronchodilator.

Short acting bronchodilators are medications such as albuterol and pirbuterol. These medications provide immediate relief of asthma symptoms.

Long acting bronchodilators are medications such as salmeterol and are designed to relieve asthma symptoms for longer periods of time.

Cromolyn and Nedocromil are nonsteroidal medications that are generally used to provide long term relief to prevent inflammation.

Corticosteroids are used long term to prevent asthma attacks. There are a variety of these medications used such as QVAR and Flovent.

Corticosteroid plus long acting bronchodilator is a medication that combines a corticosteroid and a long acting bronchodilator, such as Advair.

Proper Use of Asthma Treatment Inhalers

In order for your asthma treatment inhaler to provide you with effective relief, it must be used properly. While the inhalers allow people with asthma to lead productive lifestyles, if they are not used properly, the purpose behind them may be defeated.

First, the patient must ensure that they are taking the medication as prescribed even if it doesn't seem to work immediately. Second, the patient must insure that they are using their asthma inhalers as per instructions. If the patient fails to use the inhaler as prescribed and according to the instructions listed on the prescription, the medication may not reach the lungs.

If the patient is unsure of how to administer the medication, they can ask a Doctor, Nurse or other Medical Specialist for a demonstration. They will be able to provide you with additional details as required. If the patient is unable to use an asthma treatment inhaler for relief, a nebulizer may be a consideration. Instead of the methods listed above, a nebulizer provides relief by transforming medication into a mist and administering it through a mask that is worn over the nose and mouth.

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