The Many Uses of Web Conferencing in Business

by Joseph Ducat - Date: 2007-01-24 - Word Count: 405 Share This!

As the world experiences more globalization, businesses must adapt in order to stay competitive. That means adopting technologies that can help a business to minimize costs and maximize profits. Many technologies that take advantage of the interconnectedness of the online world can help business do a number of things less expensively than before. One such technology is web conferencing, which enables two or more people to sit down together in conference--even if they are sitting in front of their computers in different parts of the world.

Web conferencing can be used to hold meetings, seminars, training sessions, interviews, sales presentations, client calls, and various other events in real time over the Internet. Since the web event takes place in a virtual space immediately means savings in the use or rental of event facilities. Furthermore, participants do not have to fly to a central destination in order to attend the event. This can mean thousands of dollars saved in travel expenses.

The functionality of web conferencing platforms is highly versatile and constructive. They can give the group access to a shared screen, which allows them to display the visual information on a single computer screen with everyone else in the conference. So a presenter can run a PowerPoint presentation on one computer and know that, through screen sharing, it will be viewed by all of the attendees on their own computer monitors.

Web conferencing also enables real-time communication between participants, using either instant messaging or Internet voice calls. People can easily take and answer questions, engage in group discussion, or include a running commentary with real-time communication solutions.

Other web conferencing functions include the ability to share a virtual white board, share and run applications in real time, share computer files, and browse the Internet as a group.

On most platforms, you can also integrate video conferencing into the web conference. Normally, voice and text chatting is adequate for most communication. But sometimes businessmen want to speak to each other face-to-face, even if this involves cameras and video screens. It can be a way of adding a personal feel to warm up the proceedings, and give people a sense of trust and solidarity. Video conferencing is good for making client and sales calls online, and can also help in business negotiation.

You definitely need to at least consider implementing a web conferencing solution in your office. It can help you save in some costs and improve the way your company does business.

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