Anal Hpv Risk Factors

by Eric Johnson - Date: 2007-04-03 - Word Count: 190 Share This!

Anal HPV risk factors are something to take into account if you are considering having sexual relations with anyone whose sexual history is an unknown quantity. In fact, while anal HPV risk factors are important for anyone to consider, they are even more of a consideration for women than for men. Because women are four times more likely to contract anal cancer than men, and cervical cancer is also an unwanted side effect of sex that women experience but not men, there is some speculation that anal HPV risk factors can lead to cancer in women as well as HPV. Perhaps women are more susceptible to anal HPV risk factors than men because sexual congress is virtually always a receptive activity for women, who are generally the recipients of bodily fluids that may or may not be infected with HPV. Although anal HPV risk factors cannot be discounted for men, men are less likely to take away infected bodily fluids from a woman than a woman is likely to take those fluids from a man. However, anyone who has participated in anal sex should consider the anal HPV risk factors

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